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By all means feel free just to chat in the guestbook - as long as it's not spam!


Anybody with Admin below their name is definitely me or a trusted person. I myself will always sign as Butterfree. If somebody signs under that name but does not have the Admin label, it is most likely an impostor.

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Commenting on: 03-05-09

Why did "Art Thieves, Click Here" have to be taken down? It was fun. spammifier rapidash

[22/03/2009 04:29:16]

Commenting on: 03-05-09

Aww… I'll miss you, Art Thieves… Maybe it's for the best. But keep the Marquee. That's just awesome.

[15/03/2009 04:25:56]

Website: Scyther's Meado
Commenting on: 03-05-09

Darn, you know, I really liked that. But, it is your website, and what you think is best.

[13/03/2009 00:45:13]

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