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Anybody with Admin below their name is definitely me or a trusted person. I myself will always sign as Butterfree. If somebody signs under that name but does not have the Admin label, it is most likely an impostor.

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Butterfree's Fan
Commenting on: 02-18-09

You're a great ranter, but I find those HTML guides helpful. I see your point about them, though.

[20/12/2010 01:39:29]

Commenting on: 02-18-09

Happy late Birthday! I like the Sections that Suck, gives me an idea of what not to include on my new website (not that I'd do something like the HTML guide, I'm planning to include one, but when I'm better at it, right now I'm not that good)

[25/02/2009 02:29:11]

Commenting on: 02-18-09

Happy b-day, Butterfree! You are a truly amazing ranter.

[21/02/2009 17:18:05]

Commenting on: 02-18-09

Happy Birthday, Dragonfree! :D

[20/02/2009 11:12:31]

Commenting on: 02-18-09

Happy birthday! I have always loved your site. Everything is so well written and organized, and is very helpful. Thank you =)

[20/02/2009 05:37:12]

Commenting on: 02-18-09

Happy birthday :3 Hope you still feel young.

I do like the section about Sections that Suck. Although admittedly I never really had that problem since only really visit here, Serebii, and Veekun.

[20/02/2009 00:29:59]

Commenting on: 02-18-09

Nice work, especially with the animal cruelty bit. Making any progress with the crossword?

[19/02/2009 12:16:03]

Commenting on: 02-18-09

Happy Birthday!

[19/02/2009 06:53:29]

Website: Pikachu's Corner
Commenting on: 02-18-09

I love the added section to the spriting guide, and the redone Scratching section in it.

[19/02/2009 03:16:10]

Website: EP
Commenting on: 02-18-09

Sections that suck are cool. The page, I mean. ^^

The spriting guide is freaking awesome O.o

[19/02/2009 02:51:12]

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