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Commenting on: 01-06-11

I found this hilariously amusing in my own weird way. I loved Dave's awkward attempt to explain the difference between liking and "liking" and her final, matter-of-fact statement of "I don't think I like anyone that way" (well…I'd think not, she's ten after all) was cute.

Also you get a cookie for mentioning asexuality cause people usually don't and it makes me smile when they do. :3

[13/01/2011 18:44:36]

Commenting on: 01-06-11

Oops. My bad. Won't happen again. :x

[08/01/2011 16:28:27]

Commenting on: 01-06-11

Wow, that was honestly adorable.

[08/01/2011 00:42:43]

Commenting on: 01-06-11

Well, it made me laugh, in the way random extra chapters tend to do.

[07/01/2011 22:15:20]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 01-06-11

I'll let this comment slide, I suppose, but in the future, please don't use words in the guestbook that you wouldn't see on daytime TV. Morphic has a warning for swearing; the guestbook does not.

[07/01/2011 21:26:16]

Commenting on: 01-06-11

Hehehe. If Dave's in a chapter, you know there's going to be some "fucking."

[07/01/2011 11:07:03]

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