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Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 01-01-12

As in what is a Week of Centrifuges and TARDISes, or what is a TARDIS? Assuming the former, since you seem to at least know it has to do with Doctor Who, basically I stayed at Dannichu's place for a week, where she showed me (most of) series 1-4 of the new Doctor Who, and I showed her ReGenesis (possibly my favorite TV show ever, which contains biological lab work montages that often prominently feature centrifuges). The centrifuges became something of an inside joke (we'd go YAAAAY CENTRIFUGE whenever one appeared), and on one of my last days there she drew me an absolutely wonderful picture of a Pikachu, a Butterfree, a TARDIS and a centrifuge, captioned "Dannichu + Butterfree's Week of Centrifuges and TARDISes".

So, in short, I'm afraid it was kind of a one-time thing. You should totally nab the concept and host a similar thing with your friends, though. Especially if you include the ReGenesis half.

[06/01/2012 05:01:24]

Commenting on: 01-01-12

Quote: .."Week of Centerfuges and TARDISes."


What is this thing and how can I be involved? *wants to be involved with Doctor Who stuff*

[06/01/2012 04:24:04]

Commenting on: 01-01-12

'Penn & Teller, because I just love them, damn it.'


Oh Butterfree. Also, I'd like to thanks you. You're awesome, and this site keeps me going.

[03/01/2012 03:35:49]

Kratos Aurion
Website: Altered Origin
Commenting on: 01-01-12

I am proud. Very proud. More than you know.

TVTropes Mafia come baaaack ;-;

Happy almost ten years, anyway.

[03/01/2012 00:59:04]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 01-01-12

Just testing to see if I made some idiotic oversight in the comment system.

[02/01/2012 03:33:52]

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