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Anybody with Admin below their name is definitely me or a trusted person. I myself will always sign as Butterfree. If somebody signs under that name but does not have the Admin label, it is most likely an impostor.

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Commenting on: 01-01-11

This is… the sixth New Years update you've posted since I started visiting this site.

I almost want to write about what a big part of my life this site was in 2004, how I missed it when I didn't have the internet for half of 2005, how I used to always go on this site at school when I got the chance…

And how much of an idiot I was on the Invisionfree forums in early 2006… .-.;;;

But, meh, I'm not going to bore anyone with all that. XD; Well, I sort of did. But I mean in detail. But I will say that I was My-bayleef on the Invisionfree forums. And I've changed a LOT since then.

Anyway, uh, Happy (over a week late) New Year? :D;

[08/01/2011 10:49:30]

Website: darkjagold
Commenting on: 01-01-11

Your tone is very different than your previous posts. Anyway, belated Happy New Year~!

Note: I've been visiting your site for a few years now, but I think this is my first/second post that I made~

[05/01/2011 06:10:46]

Commenting on: 01-01-11

Happy New Year DragonFree!!

[04/01/2011 04:22:56]

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