Espeon/Umbreon guide

If you want to get your very own Espeon or Umbreon, this is the place to look.

Red, Blue and Yellow

What are you talking about? They don't exist in R/B/Y.

Gold, Silver and Crystal

Basically, get your Eevee very happy and then raise it a level - it will evolve into Umbreon if it's night (6 PM to 4 AM) and into Espeon if it's morning (4 AM to 10 AM) or day (10 AM to 6 PM). It doesn't matter at all when you train Eevee or give it haircuts - when it's time for it to evolve, it will evolve depending on the time then.

Now, you basically need to raise Eevee's happiness points, and to do that it's best to give it haircuts in the Goldenrod Underground. When you're giving your Eevee haircuts, save in front of the haircut desk and if you want to save time, put Eevee first in your party. Then talk to the haircut brother and let him give Eevee a haircut. Then you'll need to restart until your Eevee gets the maximum happiness points it can get from that brother.

  • If it says "EEVEE looks a little happier", its happiness went up by 1 point. Restart.
  • If it says "EEVEE looks happy", its happiness went up by 3 points. Restart.
  • If it says "EEVEE looks delighted!", its happiness went up by 5 points if it was the older brother and 10 points if it was the younger brother. Yup, the younger, less experienced brother can make your Eevee happier. The catch is that it can take you a while to actually get him to make Eevee look delighted - the odds of that happening are much lower than with his brother, and in fact, because of this the older brother's average is higher than the younger one's. Basically, save if it says "EEVEE looks delighted!"

Daisy, Blue's sister, will also groom your Pokémon every day between three and four in the afternoon, which increases its happiness.

Now, to train Eevee and make it even happier, I've discovered an interesting method - if your Eevee came from an egg, though, you'll have to train it a bit first, as this is meant for the level 20 Eevee you got from Bill. Go to Blackthorn city, head down to the grass and save. Give Eevee a Smoke Ball to hold. Search until you find a Geodude or Graveler; otherwise it's safest to run (the Smoke Ball will make sure this is possible). When you find a Geodude or Graveler, use Sand-Attack. Keep using it until they use Selfdestruct, and if you're lucky, they miss. Otherwise, just turn off and back on. If they did miss, they will faint and give Eevee loads of experience; then just save and find another one. It may take some time, but the experience and safety of this method is well worth it. Just don't forget to save after each Geodude or Graveler you manage to defeat.

Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald

Since there is no day and night, you might be puzzled by how you can evolve your Eevee, but even though there are no visible day and night, Eevee will evolve into Espeon from noon to midnight, and into Umbreon from midnight to noon.

Make Eevee hold the Soothe Bell while you train it, and keep it in your party while walking around (since Pokémon's happiness rises by one for every 256 steps you take, or two if it's holding a Soothe Bell). As Pokémon start out happier if they are hatched from an egg than if they are caught in the wild or traded directly, that also helps.

Oh, and in Emerald, the effort-lowering berries (Pomeg for HP, Kelpsy for Attack, Qualot for Defense, Hondew for Special Attack, Grepa for Special Defense and Tamato for Speed) will raise the Pokémon's happiness, so if you do a bunch of training Eevee against Pokémon that give the wrong EVs, it will be nice to undo all of that with a few berries that make it happier as a bonus.

FireRed and LeafGreen

There is no clock in FR/LG; you have to trade your Eevee to R/S/E to evolve it into Espeon/Umbreon. Bummer, huh?

Pokémon Colosseum

Umm, you start with both of them. Why do you need more?

Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

You start with an Eevee, and you can evolve it into Espeon or Umbreon by using the Sun or Moon Shard from the man in Gateon Port, raising its happiness to 220 points and then leveling it up.

Diamond, Pearl and Platinum

Day and night are back, and thus Eevee again evolves into Espeon at morning/day (which the game now defines as 4 AM to 8 PM) and Umbreon at night (8 PM to 4 AM, basically what is not morning or day). You can get them groomed in Veilstone City in the second building on the left from the Game Corner and at the Ribbon Syndicate in Resort Area. As far as I've been able to tell the best way to evolve Eevee in D/P is using a bunch of EV-lowering, happiness-raising berries. It's very effective, although of course you do need a lot of them to get Eevee to the point where it will actually evolve.

HeartGold and SoulSilver

Mostly the same as in G/S/C, except that the time-of-day durations are the same as in D/P/Pt and the EV-lowering berries are again an option.

Black and White

Same as D/P/Pt, pretty much, except for the lack of Ribbon Syndicate.

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