02/11/09 12th Movie Stuff

So Arceus has been officially revealed in CoroCoro and confirmed to be the star of the twelfth Pokémon movie. That sound you just heard was nobody being surprised. Then Serebii reports that CoroCoro also shows Heatran, as well as Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile, on the feature page for the movie.

That sound you just heard was every Pokémon fan in the world jumping up and down and crawling over one another while screaming "OMG GOLD/SILVER REMAKES!"

Contrary to my tendency to be cynical about most of the previous "evidence" for Johto remakes, this little tidbit is quite convincing - why in the world would a movie in the fourth generation heavily feature not just that "notched-ear Pichu", but also the starters for the second generation? Sure, the eighth movie featured Mew, from the first generation, but Mew is a legendary that they had given new, very special significance in that movie; I can hardly imagine the second-generation starters are suddenly in a symbiotic relationship with a mega-organism. Plus that Mew was worth bringing up for promotion again because it was an event legendary in Emerald, while there is no event for getting the Johto starters anywhere in Diamond, Pearl or Platinum. So whyever would they include them? It's difficult not to interpret this as meaning they have something special for the second generation coming up.

12/11/08 Not fifth-generation?

Apparently, the purported fifth-generation Pokémon might just be a Pichu with a weird ear. Although it is beyond me why they would cover a Pichu of all things with a question mark in a trailer.

12/09/08 English Platinum Release Date

Platinum is scheduled to be released in North America on March 22nd, 2009.

With this, it has also been revealed that the new Galactic admin Pluto has been named Charon - most likely to avoid confusion with Disney's Pluto, although what Mickey Mouse names his dog really should not affect what video game villains can be called and particularly not when they stole the name from a planet (okay, no longer a planet, but still), which stole the name from Roman mythology, anyway. For those who don't know, Charon is Pluto's moon, so this does not break the planetary theme; in fact, Charon is so large that it is better to say that it and Pluto orbit one another than that Charon orbits Pluto, so Charon is not that much of a "lesser" name than Pluto, really. And Pluto sounds kind of silly on an elderly mad scientist type, while Charon seems a lot more appropriate (and is more likely to have immediate "evil" connotations in a player's mind than Pluto is, thanks to Disney), so I think it's a fairly good change regardless.

The "Torn World" is now called the Distortion World, which I don't think has quite the same ring to it as "Torn World", but I like it anyway. It is more torn than distorted, in general, but what the heck.

Dialga, Palkia and Giratina as a unit are officially called the "Legendary Titans". Weren't Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres referred to as "titans" in the second movie or something like that? Eh. Not that it's of much importance.

Lastly, the detective Handsome's codename is now Looker, which I don't like nearly as much. D: But that might just be because I found the idea of a detective who calls himself Handsome very amusing to start with and Looker just doesn't have the same air to it. Oh, well.

12/04/08 Fifth Generation?

Been a while.

So. Apparently we possibly perhaps maybe have the first signs of the fifth generation of Pokémon, in a teaser for the twelfth movie. At least the screenshot shown on Serebii seems to be from a Pikachu short or small-cute-Pokémon-centered scene in the movie, and that question mark is definitely not big enough to block out Arceus anyway, which is the only existing Pokémon they'd want to be all mysterious about, even if the whole deal about it being an Electric-type were a red herring like the infamous "the D/P starters will be Dark/Psychic/Fighting" thing. Unless they're just messing with us and really this is a Mareep to advertise their upcoming Gold/Silver remakes! :o ...or not.

It's not at all unlikely for them to bring out the first cute mascoty fifth-generation Pokémon now, anyway, considering how early they were with Munchlax (it appeared in the seventh movie, which was only the second one considered to be an "Advanced Generation" movie; the twelfth is the third considered to be a "Diamond and Pearl" movie). So yeah. Should be interesting to find out about.

09/13/08 Latey McLate is late.

See, this is why The Cave of Dragonflies is not a news site. The Cave of Speculative Theories is a truly marvelous display of my amazing incompetence at news coverage. I should stick to writing elaborate theories about Pokémon genetics and huge sections of trainer data.

Okay, so all joking aside, Platinum is out. Yada yada. PokéBeach has a whole bunch of coverage on the storyline and such if you don't mind being spoiled and can be bothered to read it; has all the Platinum sprites (only one frame, though) in its Pokédex and various information, Serebii and Coronis have a Platinum discoveries thread at Serebii's forums, Bulbapedia has all sorts of information about changes, Marriland has pretty nice video coverage of Platinum's new stuff.

Okay, really. This game seems awesome. Some of my main observations:

And so on. Just read all that news coverage. Or not, if you want the game to surprise you. Either way it looks great.

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