12/11/08 Not fifth-generation?

Apparently, the purported fifth-generation Pokémon might just be a Pichu with a weird ear. Although it is beyond me why they would cover a Pichu of all things with a question mark in a trailer.


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Maybe it really IS an ad for the GS remake! *hopes with all his might*
Or, maybe it's just to lull the viewers into believeing that there is no Fifth Generation Pokémon in the movie, only to have one make a cameo appearance toward the end.
Butterfree (Website)
I highly doubt they'd pull something like that. Why wouldn't they want people to know there's a fifth-generation Pokémon in the movie? It would be bad marketing; you generate more hype about the movie by announcing that there'll be a new Pokémon in it. (They already announced that there will be a "new Pokémon" in it, in fact, but that is almost definitely Arceus.)
Aqua059 (Website)

What if this "Notched-Ear Pichu" that is female and enjoies Grepa Berries is a shadow of some kind of feature in Generation V? Special Pokemon with unusual appearances (beyond shininess) and specific qualities? Plot-centric 'mons that are a touch different from the regular stock?

This is just a theory, but it keeps me excited.
It would be cool if there was a GSC remake, except I've never, uh, played the game before, so... *is killed by crazy GSC fans* Seriously, I was like 3 or 4 when the game came out!
But it'd be really awesome if there was a 5th generation. But seriously, DP only came out a year ago. Do you really think that they'll already have all the new pokemon confirmed?
I'm just happy that they're featuring a female pokemon as part of the plot. Pokemon has been confirmed as Non-sexist, lol. *killed again by pokemon fans*