The Cave of Speculative Theories - or the CoST for short - is a minisite connected to The Cave of Dragonflies. Unlike the main site, the CoST deals specifically with news of the Pokémon games and sometimes animé if it's very major.

The CoST will mostly consist of my own opinions, speculations and theories about the content of the news, but of course the news itself is inevitably a large focus too.

The CoST will mercilessly use the Japanese names of new Pokémon that do not yet have definitive official English names. Furthermore, these Japanese names will be written out in full rather than romanized to something that makes more sense for English pronunciation: Turtwig's Japanese name is for example written as Naetoru in the older articles here, not Naetle. I hope this will not cause any problems for readers.

However, the name "CoST" is there to remind you of the cost of taking everything you read for granted. All of the information I post will come from other websites, cited in each article, and I can provide absolutely no guarantee that they are in fact right. Nonetheless, the main focus is to speculate and ponder the news, not just to give it. It's okay to be wrong.

With that, I hope you will enjoy the content placed on this website.