09/13/08 Latey McLate is late.

See, this is why The Cave of Dragonflies is not a news site. The Cave of Speculative Theories is a truly marvelous display of my amazing incompetence at news coverage. I should stick to writing elaborate theories about Pokémon genetics and huge sections of trainer data.

Okay, so all joking aside, Platinum is out. Yada yada. PokéBeach has a whole bunch of coverage on the storyline and such if you don't mind being spoiled and can be bothered to read it; Serebii.net has all the Platinum sprites (only one frame, though) in its Pokédex and various information, Serebii and Coronis have a Platinum discoveries thread at Serebii's forums, Bulbapedia has all sorts of information about changes, Marriland has pretty nice video coverage of Platinum's new stuff.

Okay, really. This game seems awesome. Some of my main observations:

And so on. Just read all that news coverage. Or not, if you want the game to surprise you. Either way it looks great.


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Machi Tobaye
I've been playing Platinum, kupo. I don't know much Japanese. But, hey, your rival dances around crazily when you fight him, it's all good, kupo.
Zora of Termina
Welp. That certainly is interesting. Although I can't find anything about a tent in the day care. I want one of those new Rotoms. :D

...Waitaminute. Hrefna was wrong. You CAN catch Giratina right off! Haha I was riiiight :DDDDD
I know I'M certainly psyched. Has anyone heard the Platinum Frontier Brain Music on YouTube? It sure blew me away.
I've been reading everything I can find about this game and it really looks incredible. All the redesigned sprites (with the possible exception of Buizel and Golbat) are awesome, and I already have half my team planned out just based on how awesome their sprites look (they're Rhyperior, Tangrowth and Rotom Toaster Forme.)
Even though I can't read Japanese, I can tell that Handsome's gonna be a riot.
I looked at the Game Locations part of the Scyther page in Bulbapedia, and it says "Trade". What do you think that means?
Disaster Lord, im a weavile in your test!!
Awesome i cant wait to put my fingers on that disk.
All i want is faster surf, it is a pain in the "beep" to go between the routes, also some of the trainer sprites look god in the vids, my favorite one is flint(so random), and im expecting all about handsome he is gona be a random butterfre blast!!!
The new tracks of the frontier brains, and giratina battle owns!!
BTW.. does someone know if there are still 10,000 starlys and bidoofs within a ten feet radius or they solve that problem in this version.
We need I-pod rotom!!!
In regards to whether Scyther can be found at Rt. 210 or not, I at least know that a trainer in Byron's gym now uses a Scizor. Also, Serebii.net says that Shellos is trading-only, but I have seen videos of people encountering them in the wild.
...For what it's worth, I've revised my planned team. I'm now thinking Tangrowth, Feraligatr, Giratina, Milotic, Mamoswine and Porygon-Z. Got any suggestions?
Flora and Ashes
Thank God for the back-up button on the Poketch. Woo~

...Holy crap, the tent thing's gonna give me more nightmares than "Anything Goes"- if that's even possible.
Okay, This is going to be the next BEEEEEG thing. Thank you, Nintendo, faster scrooling, faster Surfing, AND a TENT!!!
3 things that could've been in DP that should've been put in there:
1. Faster surfing
2. Poketch back-up button (LOVE)
3. The rival dance
Will it be avaidable in the UK as well? I would love to buy it, if I wasn't so broke. >_>;