12/04/08 Fifth Generation?

Been a while.

So. Apparently we possibly perhaps maybe have the first signs of the fifth generation of Pokémon, in a teaser for the twelfth movie. At least the screenshot shown on Serebii seems to be from a Pikachu short or small-cute-Pokémon-centered scene in the movie, and that question mark is definitely not big enough to block out Arceus anyway, which is the only existing Pokémon they'd want to be all mysterious about, even if the whole deal about it being an Electric-type were a red herring like the infamous "the D/P starters will be Dark/Psychic/Fighting" thing. Unless they're just messing with us and really this is a Mareep to advertise their upcoming Gold/Silver remakes! :o ...or not.

It's not at all unlikely for them to bring out the first cute mascoty fifth-generation Pokémon now, anyway, considering how early they were with Munchlax (it appeared in the seventh movie, which was only the second one considered to be an "Advanced Generation" movie; the twelfth is the third considered to be a "Diamond and Pearl" movie). So yeah. Should be interesting to find out about.


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Isn't it obvious? They're just going to make Missingno. a real Pokémon! =]

But the point about previous patterns is good. If they released Munchlax pretty much with Deoxys, then it makes sense that the first Gen V Pokémon should come out with Arceus. From the parts that the question mark doesn't cover, it looks a bit like a blue and red Shinx.... Someone on LiveJournal thought it looked like Mismagius, aswell.
Red Scyther
I wish they WOULD make missigno a real pokemon. XD That probably won't happen though.

Ayways it seems like it will be something off the cute electric rodent Pikachu/Pachirisu template. Oh, and it will probably have its English name the same as its Japanese one, and that name will begin with "P".

Well, duh.
Well, the screenshot does say it's yellow.... So it's probably a 5th gen Pokemon. But wouldn't that be repetitive? (not that everything else Nintendo comes up with isn't)
It looks like a luxray to me. o.O

I wish it was a mareep to adviertise a GS remake v_v
Butterfree (Website)
It's far too small to be a Luxray. o_O And it's not yellow; it looks black.
The Pokémon makes me think of a brown rabbit Pokémon with dexterity in its Black ears. I'm not sure why, but that's how I'm envisioning
Are you guys sure it's not just a Rotom form? I've only seen the one screenshot on Serebii's front page though, so I honestly have no clue what it looks like. Still.
Butterfree (Website)
Why would they cover Rotom forms with a question mark? Rotom's forms have already appeared both in the ordinary anime and been given out to Platinum players through an event; there is no reason to assume they ought to be a mystery to even your average non-Internet-going Pokémon fan.

Aside from that, in the video we clearly see some sort of black spikes/ears/fur moving behind the question mark, which none of the Rotom forms have.
That Pokemon blocked by a graphic was eventually revealed as the notched-ear Pichu... There wasn't really a new 5th generation Pokemon released so far... but as far as Pokebeach is concerned, at least 1 5th-gen Pokemon would be released after the release of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver...