Smokat is a catlike pokémon, a Ghost type and is like made of smoke. It eats corpses and evolves into Nawcat at level 30. Nawcat is another catlike pokémon, it has a solid body but is freezing to the touch. It is a Ghost/Ice type, drinks blood and evolves into Transpat at level 55. Transpat is a jet black cat that appears normal but if you look colesly enough, you'll see it's a little transparent. It is a Ghost/Dark type.

Here are their attacks:
Starts with Bite
Starts with Smokescreen
Poison gas at level 6
Smog at level 9
Lick at level 18
Night shade at level 29
Shadow ball at level 41

Already has Bite, Smokescreen, Poison gas, Smog, Lick and Night shade
Powder snow at level 30
Icy wind at level 39
Leech life at level 47
Ice beam at level 54
Shadow ball at level 63
Blizzard at level 71

Already has Bite, Smokescreen, Poison gas, Smog, Lick, Night shade, Powder snow, Icy wind, Leech life and Ice beam
Faint attack at level 55
Thief at level 64
Shadow ball at level 73
Crunch at level 85

I don't have pictures of them yet.

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