This is the pokémon I had polls for the name and looks of. And the results were...

The name is


and the picture was the

second picture

Frostburn is a Fire/Ice/Flying type. Or, if we decide to keep it at two types, but with characteristics, a Fire/Ice type with the Floating characteristic. Here are its attacks:

Starts with Ember
Starts with Powder snow
Starts with Peck
Icy wind at level 16
Flame wheel at level 20
Wing attack at level 25
Coldfire at level 31
Flamethrower at level 38
Ice beam at level 47
Drill peck at level 57
Sacred fire at level 68
Blizzard at level 77
Fire blast at level 86
Sheer cold at level 95

Coldfire is an attack made by me that has 100 base damage, 94.6% accuracy, is both a Fire and Ice attack and can either burn or freeze, 10% chance of each.

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