02/15/10 First Fifth Generation Pokémon Revealed

Yes, yes, I'm late.

So anyway, it has finally been revealed that the "Phantom Champion Z" in the title of the upcoming thirteenth Pokémon movie is in fact a new Pokémon, Zoroark (Zoroaaku). It was formally revealed in February's CoroCoro along with its pre-evolution Zorua (Zoroa).

This evolution line consists of two pure Dark-types - would have been nice to see a new type combination, but this is nice too. As far as I've seen in the fandom, people seem to generally like them. Personally, I rather like Zoroark, but Zorua kind of disturbs me. I think it's the tuft of fur on its head.

What primarily interests me is its moves, actually, since it seems like the movie is promoting it as a master of illusions, something not normally associated with Dark-type Pokémon. Presumably we'll see the first fifth-generation moves revealed soon.

I'm still not convinced the new games announced for the end of the year are the fifth generation main series games, but eh, we'll wait and see. At least it is likely that we'll see more fifth-gen Pokémon revealed in the coming months, so that's going to be exciting.


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I agree that the Illusion categorization is not something one would normally associate with a Dark type; it seems much more like a Ghost or Psychic classification to me. However... new moves are always fun to find, and I hope this new species line has some good exclusive moves. (Of course, I also hope that when Gen V DOES come out, Zorua will be available early on. good Dark types that weren't Umbreon not being available until Kanto in the Johto based games always ticked me off.)
On the contrary, I believe that Zorua will most definitely not be available early on. This reminds me extremely strongly of Lucario - a humanoid pokemon that looks pretty BA and has a preevo, along with a mysterious power and a movie with a past legendary. Yeah. Extremely similar. This also lends weight to the "not the main games" theory, as Lucario was, I believe, first introduced in PMD.
I've been reading the thread on this topic on Smogon, and have seen a few cases that this is definitely gen 5. One, is that Gamefreak is only the developer of the main games of the series, not spin-offs. Also, it's been about 4 years since D/P came out, which is the normal type between Pokemon generations. I, for one, am glad that we're not being teased with new Pokemon a year or so before we can actually train them. Though people who don't import still have to wait awhile ;).
Onto the Zoro's, they look a little like Fakemon. I like that the evolution's design is fairly simple. To me, it's a good sign to be able to draw a Pokemon from memory a day after first seeing it. Unless it's Ditto or something.
I think the thing I find disturbing about Zorua is its sleepy eyes.
I hope you're not confusing Zorua with Zororak.Zororak is the one that has the bigger tuft of hair, and stands on two legs. He creeps me out.On the other hand, I think Zorua is kinda cute.
I agree with Frostagin; Zoroark is creepy. He looks weird... I do kinda like Zorua though, it's sorta cute, I guess.
I'd like Zorroark better if it weren't for the eyeliner and lipstick.
Aside from that, both of them have really nice designs.
Butterfree (Website)
No, I'm not confusing them. Zoroark has a long badass ponytail. Zorua has that weird-looking tuft that makes its head look weirdly shaped.
On second thought, I agree with YamiDenryuu. And, though I'm 10, I think that we haven't had a decent-looking Dark-type since Umbreon, Houndour and Houndoom.

And I know that this is totally unrelated, but O NOEZ BULBAPEDIA HAZ BEEN TAKEN OVER BY TEAM ROCKET
now that i thing about it, all of the dark-types are fine except the following:
Raitora Kuro Yamiraku
I like them. Zoroark is kind of Lucario-y for my tastes, but it's still cool. I can imagine cuddling with Zorua. :3
I'm actually pretty excited for the fifth gen
I agree with you that they should've been somthing other than just dark, maybe dark/Psychic. That would be cool.

Im glad somone else thinks that Zorua looks a bit strange. I kinda like Zororak though, but i think they went a bit over the top with the ponytail -_-;;;
Frostagin...... now bulbapedias been taken over by slowpoke.. when will it end.-_-;;;;
Oh. Mai. GAWSH. O.O