01/29/09 New Game Freak-Developed Pokémon Game Coming Up

So PokéBeach has a translation of an announcement regarding new Pokémon games, and judging from Junichi Masuda's blog post about it, it's being developed by Game Freak. Which makes at least PokéBeach immediately jump to "the main series fifth generation games are coming!"

I'm... really skeptical about that part. They always introduce a few next-generation Pokémon during what is technically the generation before them, and there's a good reason for that: it builds hype. If they suddenly release a fifth-generation Pokémon game with all the new Pokémon at once, people will excitedly buy those games, sure, but if they spent a while before that releasing new Pokémon one by one in different games, movies, etc., people will be more interested in those, too. Why would they randomly choose to do it a different way this time when the way it's been done so far makes the most sense from a marketing perspective?

So I think it will be a spin-off series, one way or another, featuring a few new Pokémon but not all of them. Personally, I'm placing my bets on this being the "action element" Junichi Masuda was talking about wanting to add to the series a while back.


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Well, we already know of one 5th generation Pokémon (Zoroark, the Monster Fox/Phantom Champion), but if you look back, there were 3 handheld spin-offs between the 3rd and 4th gens: Trozei, Ranger, and Mystery Dungeon. We're probably still a few years off from the 5th gen games
Nope, we're right on track for the next generation. :3

Going by U.S. releases here:
R/B/Y -- 1996
G/S/C -- 2000
R/S/E -- 2003
D/P/Pt -- 2007
Gen. V -- 2011

See? This'll be fun~ ^^

I myself am quite fond of Zorua (FDSSFG SO CUTE! >w< ) and Zoroark (HGSHJKHF SO COOL :D ), so I am very excited for the next revelations regarding the Fifth Generation.

Also, GameFreak has been hiring 3D designers, and Masuda said regarding the new games that players would say, "Is this really Pokemon?", which makes me all the MORE excited. X3

YES!!!!!!!!! the 5th gen game will come out and then the remake of Crystal will come out... I don't know what to say. It seems like the 4th generation just started, and the 5th is on it's way!
Andrew: There wont be a crystal remake it'll likely be remakes of ruby/saphire.