05/09/09 HeartGold and SoulSilver

...is what the aforementioned remakes have been confirmed to be called. PokéBeach has a translation of an article regarding it.

The names are rather cheesy, but personally, I like them better than the "DuskGold" and "DawnSilver" that people were insisting had been trademarked and so on a while ago. Not only do they appear like they would only make sense for the mascot Pokémon the other way around, but they also completely fail to have a relevance to the actual name. FireRed and LeafGreen aren't called that to represent something about the Pokémon in the game - the Pokémon on the covers happen to be a Fire and Grass type, but why would remakes add the "Fire" and "Leaf"? They were not thinking, "Hey, now that we're remaking the games, let's make the names allude more to the Pokémon on the box!" The remakes have no more to do with the Pokémon on the box than the originals did. It's to strengthen the name - instead of just being red, it's fire red, and instead of just being green, it's leaf green. The colors are reemphasized to bring them out more, make them seem fresher, renewed. That's what the remakes are doing to the originals: freshening and renewing the old, making it prettier and, well, more. It makes sense.

The names "Gold" and "Silver" are not emphasized or freshened by putting "Dusk" or "Dawn" on them. It's trying to squeeze relevance into it, relevance that is strikingly unfitting among the main series Pokémon games' universally abstract names that only portray a color and a vague connection with the cover Pokémon. What do Ho-oh and Lugia actually have to do with gold and silver, honestly? Nothing - they're not even remotely gold or silver in color. They're just nicely parallel names portraying colors that Ho-oh and Lugia can look pretty on.

HeartGold and SoulSilver emphasize the original names, if in a different way than FireRed and LeafGreen did. They bring to mind figures of speech: heart of gold, soul of silver. The prefixes as chosen for the sake of the original name, not the color of the Pokémon. They bring the original name out more while adding new connotations to it. I think they had the right idea, even if talking seriously about "Heart and Soul" feels odd now. It will stop feeling odd.

Now one's mind inevitably jumps to "What should the remakes be like?" Personally, I'm hoping for the following:

EDIT: Whoa. Apparently, we've got some screenshots now that the Pokémon Sunday show has aired. Your starter follows you around?! Elm's lab looks curiously unlablike; maybe they've changed it to being his home now or something.


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Wow. You were right. On a lot of things. Wow.