07/11/08 Ugh, this needs an update.

Sorry I got lazy.

Okay, you probably know everything that's happened already, but to recap:

Yeah. Hopefully I'll update sooner next time.


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I was wondering when this wouldet an update! Unfortunly, I read this on Serebii yesterday. But, I didn't get to see those cool scans!
Scizor King
Also, there's apparently an item that allows you to change your Shaymin form instantaneously. Says so here: http://www.serebii.net/platinum/shaymin.shtml
Anonymous TCoD Fan
This is the first time I've actually seen the scans, so that's cool. Does anyone know what it means in the first scan where there's a picture of the Poliwag family with Croagunk hiding behind the bushes? I hope it means either a reshuffle of the Sinnoh Dex (I don't like the Sinnoh dex at all), or maybe a National Dex or something. I know one thing though - I love Poliwag! hehe
So... How come there's already been shown to be two different Origin Giratina sprites for only one game? I assume that the alternate sprites for Bidoof and the normal Shaymin/Giratina mean that this game's going to have a different set of sprites at least for the Sinnoh Pokémon (though I can't help hoping every Pokémon gets a new sprite), but Giratina's Origin Forme is only in this game, so...

Unless the two sprites we've seen are different animation frames, and one of the screenshots was taken part-way through the animation?
In the screenshot in the Valley Windworks, that purple-haired guy is standing next to Mars. Also, I hope we get the National Dex ate the start of the game. 'Twould be awesome. :D
shadow mewtwo
You keep saying "And This Sacn" too much, it gets very anoying after a few lines...
Anonymous Person
ooh, I finally get to see some more scans (I really enjoy them for some reason). And I do believe I see a Mudkip of some sort in the battle frontier picture, yes I do. =D

at other anonymous person - I've heard rumors that national dex and pal park will be unlocked from the begining of the game, but it's obviously unconfirmed.
Fox McCloud
I hate the fact that we might only be able to Sky Form the Movie Shaymin. That was YOUR screwup, Nintendo, don't punish US for it. Stinking Glacidia Flower. *Gets his legal files ready*
You do realize that Shaymin is obtained from a Toys R Us event right? so, since Darkrai came with an item, maybe we will get the thing that turns Shaymin into its sky form(it certainly isn't called 'glacidia flower',that is just a Jp translation of it)
Luxray Village HQ (Website)
I think Shaymin is really cute :D
Fox McCloud
You kinda don't get what I was saying... but anyway... As it turns out, it seems the HP bars are all black, as opposed to this being Torn-World or Giratina only. Kind of a minor detail, but worth noting. Weren't there some other screenshots with "normal" HP bars? I forget...
Delaney Hiltz
Shaymin Sky Forme looks really cute. But why do they misspell "form" in the Pokemon Games?
They don't, that is how Forme is spelled when used in the Pokemon Games, I think thats in reference to how Europeans probably spell Form
Real Girl!
I love the real Shaymin Sky Forme, but the fake isn't without its charm