05/23/08 Possible Alternate Form Shaymin

So this picture has been going around the Internet:

Sky form Shaymin

Interestingly enough, this is definitely a Sky form if it's real, despite the rumours mentioning an Ice-type form.

Let me say right away that this does not mean (if it is real) that those Serebiians were right and Regigigas has an Ice form. Regigigas was directly said to have a "Sky" form; Shaymin was only said to have "another form" which might be part-Ice. In fact I think it would make sense for all three of the movie's legendaries to have alternate forms with the Levitate ability, if we go into that. Either that or Regigigas has three alternate forms of Ice, Rock and Steel to represent the three lesser Regis.

It does look like Sugimori's art, but there are Pokémon fandom artists who have imitated it well before. I remain skeptical, but who knows?

EDIT: It's fake. The Sugimori-like artist is PurpleKecleon, who also designed the remarkably realistic-looking Dark/Psychic/Fighting starters that were floating around before the Japanese release of Diamond and Pearl.

Also, apparently the spelling "Forme", in reference to Deoxys and Giratina's multiple forms, has apparently been confirmed as non-Engrish. I'm still rather iffy on using it. It just looks wrong to me. :/


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It really does look like Sugi art... and I think it's adorable, fake or not. Hope it's real. If not... something equally as cute would be good.

Hmmm.... all the alternate forms having levitate or something protecting them from ground moves really makes them seem more like a group; kinda makes Platinum really special.
Zora the Terminian
Man, just a rumor? But that thing was adorable D:

Oh well. I do hope they reveal that new form soon, though.
It looked more like a evolved form to me.
It is bigger than normal shaymin.
It's fake.


Go there and read the newest update.
Butterfree (Website)
...uh, that's already in there. o_O Along with a link explaining why it's fake.

And just a heads up to everyone who does go to that site, the latest update there now about the Gold/Silver remakes has a really old hoax picture, so yes, that's fake too.
I thought it was fake as soon as I saw it. There's just something unofficial about it, as adorable as it is. I wish it were real though... it's just so cute! XD
I'm kinda bummed that this wasn't the real deal.

Just watch, when we do eventually get the real thing, the internet will be thrown into chaos of people claiming it to be real or fake. And then, when it's revealed to be the real thing, everyone's going to complain and make irrational claims.
Aqua059 (Website)
It's cute...I want to hug it...

And it is soooooo much pwettier than the reindeer-thing that's been confirmed as the real Sky Forme. Ugh.
^ Case in point, teamrocketspy.

I think both sky!Shaymins look really nice, but for some reason nobody shares the same ideals ;n;
Aqua059 (Website)
Well, after seeing a neat little clip from Movie 11 on some Italian Pokemon fansite, I've decided that the real deal isn't as bad as I though it was. But I still like the fake. Here's the link:
There's also a clip of Pokemon Sunday that shows the Platinum box art. Which is cool.
The real form of Shaymin is at Serebii.net,as well, it is on the banner, next to the land form shaymin, I LOVED the fake, Why can't they just make that the other form of Shaymin?! Waaah!