05/13/08 Bigger Pokémon Platinum CoroCoro Scan

We now have a high-resolution scan of that CoroCoro page mentioned in the previous entry. It's too big for showing here, so just click that link. This is a considerably better-resolution scan than on Serebii, by the way; I got it from the Pocketmonsters.net Imageboard.

Okay, to exercise my limited Japanese skills: Near the top, in yellow and then white katakana, it says "Poketto monsutaa shiriizu". "Poketto monsutaa" is obviously Pocket Monsters, but I made a few attempts to make some sense of "shiriizu" (it is katakana, which most of the time means it is a transliteration of a foreign and usually English word) and couldn't figure anything out that made any sense EDIT: Crystylla pointed out that it's "Series", so it's presumably referring to a new installment to the Pokémon series. The Platinum logo still says Poketto Monsutaa Purachina or Pocket Monsters Platinum as I detailed in the pevious entry. I'm guessing the part after 2008 in the white box under the logo is an approximate release date, but I don't actually know what it says. The blue katakana above the Giratina's head says "Giratina" and the katakana in the silver box below it says "Origin Form". The yellow box beside that has some Origin form Giratina facts; the species says it's a "hankotsu Pokémon", but I'm afraid the trusty online Japanese dictionary I looked hankotsu up in returned no results. It's hardly the most interesting information there, anyway, but I can't help not assuming it's any different from the normal form. The type is Ghost/Dragon as with the normal form; the ability is "???", however, as opposed to the Levitate reported by the earlier rumours, which might mean they are wrong in more aspects than that. (Of course, I think it will be Levitate anyway; it's just not what CoroCoro says, so if that blog reported that as being said in CoroCoro, that's not true.) The height is 6.9 meters (22'7" for all you feet-using people) and the weight is 650.0 kilograms (1433.0 lb), both of which I think we knew already although I'm not sure.

The most interesting thing on this new scan is that the game screenshots are a lot clearer. Again, it is clear that the Giratina shadow on the first screenshot is the normal form because of the shape of the wings. Dialga and Palkia standing behind it and Cyrus in front of it are also clearer. However, there are some blotches of black, kind of like ink blots, instead of what I took to be cracks in the floor or broken pillars. Maybe Giratina is spreading shadow around the world somehow at this point in the storyline?

In the other screenshot, we finally see that supposed new battle interface properly: Giratina's status bar is dark-colored with a notably different HP bar. I'm toying with the idea that this will only be used when you battle Giratina, with each legendary Pokémon having its own color status bar, which would be pretty neat. Either that or we get that color for all the legendaries. It seems to look too dramatic, somehow, to be applied to all battles we get into. Maybe it's just me. Then there is also no ground under Giratina, which I originally thought was just because it's still on the "Wild GIRATINA appeared!" screen but in D/P would have had ground under it, which might mean that flying or levitating Pokémon will not have any ground under them in battle. We'll see.

We also see the Origin form sprite clearly (it's pretty neat) and that Giratina is level 47 when we battle it, showing for certain that we will be seeing Giratina, a National Pokédex Pokémon in Diamond and Pearl, in battle before beating the Elite Four. Presumably the Sinnoh Dex will either be shuffled around or we get the National Pokédex considerably sooner (possibly having it at the beginning of the game, which is what I'm hoping for). Finally, we get to see Lucas's new outfit in detail: he now wears a blue sweater and has a silver (or platinum) backpack. Personally, I think it looks pretty silly with the red beret, but eh.

Not much else on the scan. The most interesting thing, as I said, is the lack of indication that the Origin form Giratina's ability is Levitate, which casts some of the other rumours into doubt.

EDIT: I changed the banner (and then link colors) to reflect the current subject matter of the CoST better. Yay?


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Faltzer (Website)
Red and Blue? Is this World of Warcraft or something? o_O;

Though I like your ideas, they make me think more.
Faltzer (Website)
Oh yes, sorry for the double post but this just came into my head. What if, somehow, that darkened box could resemble if you have captured the Pokémon or not?

Plus, the D/P form of Giratina weighs 750 kg and the height 4.5 m, while this form weighs 650 Kg and 14'9.2" height. Unless it is a possibility that each form has it's own weight/height?
Butterfree (Website)
Each form does have its own weight/height. When I said we knew the weight and height before, I was referring to when the Origin form was first revealed, when I'm pretty sure I remember those details being revealed as well, not to the normal form Giratina.
Faltzer (Website)
Ah, it seems I misunderstood that part. Thank you for explaining it.
Rindiny (Website)
Well, just my two cents here! x_x;

I think that the two legendaries will disappear after your battle with Giratina, although in order to battle one of them again in your next visit to Mt. Coronet you're required to have the legendary trio captured in some way, as the red chain summons both of them, and the red chain is made of their head gems. So I think you'd have to make a choice of which legendary you want to battle because there may be an object that resembles x legendary.

I don't know, it's just a thought. Following the way Emerald does it would be a bit generic in my opinion, although I agree with most of your article Dragonfree! ^^;
Checked Google. Hankotsu is a kind of Boning Knife, apparently. So, Origin Form Giratina is the Boning Knife Pokemon?

From a site that you order Kitchen Supplies from:

"The Hankotsu is used for separating meat from bones. It is a strong and sturdy knife, used to cut meat away from the bone, but not for cutting through bones. Hankotsu Western counterpart is a boning knife."
Pfft, boning knife? XD

I like the idea of a choice for Dialga/Palkia; kinda like how you got to choose your Lati@s in Emerald. I just hope they don't go all out Emerald and force us to hunt for random underwater caves. @_@

If Giratina's type doesn't change with the form, will its moveset be the same too? :/
Slicing Pokemon? Cleaver Pokemon? Torture Pokemon? (Well, you are seperating flesh from bone.)

origin!Giratina's ability is most likely something unspectacular, just that they're keeping it a secret.
And Rindiny, I think that's a pretty cool idea! I'd like to see something like that in Platinum.
Speaking of the name itself, I remember somebody saying DPP sounded a lil silly. =P

... those black splotches look like turtles ;_;
Crystylla (Website)
Hmm. You could be right, but personally I doubt that the status bar is a special one just for legendaries. It doesn't look particularly special at all to me. Apart from the protruding HP bar, it's a pretty uninteresting, dull rectangular box.
Would that bar mean the legendary's have a one-time boss buff with HP?
Ouuu! It looks so scary! ;_;
Who's the Icelandic person!? I wanna talk to the Icelandic person! xD
Butterfree (Website)
I'm the Icelandic person! :o You too? Awesome. :D
I thought I'd let you know that the part in the white box next to the 2008, from what I can understand, says something about autumn/fall for the release date - the kanji right next to 2008 is the kanji for year, but the next kanji happens to be "AKI," the one for autumn/fall. Other than that, I can't really add anything to what you've already said.
Totally awesome, I thought i was the only nerd around. :3
Zora the Terminian
*sees above post* You... I know you from somewhere, I can feel it... That name is very familiar to me...


Welp. I must say, the hi-res scan made the details a lot easier to see. That sprite is f'ing sexy, aaand that's all I have to say on the matter. Yeah. >>
Fox McCloud
Read my post in the previous topic, I don't want it to look like spam by putting it again here.

Will the Shadows rise again?
Magical Togetic
Giratina being the main legendary is cool Dialga and Palkia can probably be found in caves that randomly move around. As for Giratinas Origin forms ability might be where it has a 1 in 1,000 chance of getting a 1 hit KO probably not though.
Fox McCloud
Ok, looks like I got no recognition... so I'm posting HERE too.

Blue-haired guy...

... Um, duh? You really haven't gotten that far in the game yet if you can't tell that that's Cyrus...

Giratina's Origin Form...

Looks nice... I just thought... Could a dark HP bar be the return of SHADOW POKEMON? Just a thought...

Shaymin and Regigigas

Ah, I also noticed that the movie title is something to the effect of "Regigigas and the Bouquet of the SKY - Shaymin. This leads me to conclude that Shaymin will have the Sky form, and Regigigas will do something else...
My 2nd theory for this is Shaymin becomes an ice type INVERSELY to what it is, a grass type. Spring and summer, warming and hot months, are opposite to Fall and Winter, cooling and cold months. Similarly, Regigigas, a golem, would INVERT to something that could fly.
Of course, I'd prefer the first theory...

Sinnoh/National Dex...

Well, my guess is, Nat. Dex is unlocked BEFORE Sunyshore, etc. Otherwise, it would screw up the levels on the rest of the game.

Volkner, Cynthia, and the 8th GL

I think Volkner would be at the "Battle Island" or whatever...

Cynthia hopefully stays, if not pulls a Steven...

And the 8th GL will either be some Juan-esque random or Jasmine, due to Magnezone and Amphy, as stated earlier...

Or... Volkner and the first E4 could switch... he said something about "Back to training camp for me! Wait, no, that was wrong... keep going..."

Or it could be YOUR MOTHER. Who knows? Btw... Where is your FATHER????? *falls over*


Hope this little discussion helped. This is the Firefox saying, thank you, and have a good evening.
Raitora Kuro Yamiraku
You know, I agree with Dragonfree on the clothes thing. I actually have a red beret (My brother and I dressed up as Mario and Luigi for Halloween once...), and it really does look weird with a blue turtleneck-esque sweater.

P.S. Yes, I did try on my red beret and light blue turtleneck together ; P
Butterfree (Website)
The kanji that's used in the movie title for "sky" implies that the sky is icy, which could easily hint at an Ice form for Shaymin.
Dunno what "Hankotsu" means, but "Hanketsu" means "Judgement"...
^ I know nothing about Japanese, but if 'ko' and 'ke' are different romanizations for the same letter that would make a helluva lot more sense.

Would that mean Giratina learns Judgment? *spelling'd*
Nope. "Ko" and "Ke" are fairly separate. Neither their Hirigana nor Katakana look very much alike. And it definitely says "Hankotsu" on the scanlation. Unless it's a typo...