03/31/07 What have we here...

It appears that Serebii has changed his mind about Kureseria's name: while he used to say it was Cresseria, it now says (as Pokéxperto always claimed) that it is Cresselia. However, he still insists that it is Porygon-Z and Vespiquen while Pokéxperto is firm on it being Vespiqueen and PorygonZ (look in the drop-down where it says "Nuevos Pokémon"; he hasn't updated that list at the bottom for a while). One down, two to go.

But I decided anyway that I was going to update my List Generator and Sprite Generator with the new names as they seem to be generally accepted, but on those two I ended up taking one of each: I just can't believe they're going to name it "Vespiquen" with one e, but at the same time I think that with the game's tradition of putting Pokémon names in all-caps, they have good reason to use PORYGON-Z rather than PORYGONZ (which sounds more like a wannabe rapper trying to put it in the plural). So that's what I ended up using. One of them will probably be wrong, but meh.


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Whew, I thought the April Fool's prank was my computer under a virus. Close one... =P

Anyway, They never leave those kinds of R's like that in the translations, do they?

I think Vespiquen is going to be Vespiqueen because it just fills up the maximum amount of characters. At the same time, I might be wrong...
Don't scare me...EVER!

Pity. I wanted to buy something...

Vespiquen sounds real, but Vespiqueen looks more "Pokemon-ish"

Porygon-Z will definitely have the hyphen in it, as a safe measure. Since the names are in capitals, PORYGONZ looks like a n00b caught it, while PORYGON-Z looks more professional.
Crystylla (Website)
Didn't some early translated screenshots show names in lowercase (except for their first letters, obviously)? Trainer names, at least. Unless they've scrapped that idea or it didn't carry over onto Pokémon names, too, PorygonZ written like that might look a bit less n00bish... o.o

~Cryssie ;]
Butterfree (Website)
We have screenshots of Pokémon in which their names are written in all-caps, from a quick Google search for "Pokémon Diamond Pearl screenshot".
I can not remember seeing "Cresseria" on SPP. Ever. First time I saw the list, I recall seeing "Cresselia". Now, everybody's saying it did indeed say "Cresseria" back then, so I'm probably just going senile or something, but still. I was positive it said Cresselia back then Oo

Oh, and it would make sense that Pokéxperto mistook the name for a typo, and simply put "Vespiqueen", since that'd be the 'correct' spelling. But I do believe that "Vespiquen" is right. But that's just me :P