Ruby and Sapphire


-Tips and tricks-

Effort values

Effort values are special values in Ruby and Sapphire. Each and every pokémon you battle gives the pokémon that faught it a certain ammount of effort points in certain stats. For example, if you battle a Sceptile, you will get 3 effort points in Speed. The effort points are not shared and your pokémon gets just as many effort points if you train it with the Exp.share as if it battles. A pokémon can only gain a total of 510 Effort points, and only 255 Effort points can go into one stat. That means if you max out two stats, the other four will be at minimum. (This explains why Ruby and Sapphire pokémon have such high stats...) So choose wisely what stats you want effort points in, don't waste your time battling Whismur with Shedinja because they give HP effort points and Shedinja can never have more than one HP. Check tips and tricks for tips on where to train for certain effort points. Four effort points raise a stat by one and it's rounded down, so if you have 255 Effort points in a stat, three of them are wasted (you get 63 extra stat points, same as if you had 252 effort points). So if you want to max out two stats, give them 252 effort points and put the six precious remaining effort points into a third stat to increase it by one.


Natures increase one stat and decrease another, or they can have no effect. Here I will list all the natures and what they do.

Now, why would you want to raise a stat at the cost of another? You may not care about decreasing a stat if:

You may want to increase a stat, on the other hand, if:

Those were just examples, but I hope you get the idea.

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