Ruby and Sapphire

Tips and tricks


Effort points for Attack

If you have Sapphire, train in Mt. Pyre. Shuppets give one Attack effort point each. "Only" 252 of them to max out Attack! ;) If you have Ruby, you're luckier. Train on Route 114, Zangoose and Nuzleaf give 2 Effort points to Attack each. only 126 of them counted together to max out.

Effort points for Defense

When underwater, you can fight Clamperl for one Defense effort point each. But Relicanth and Chinchou are worth nothing except if you want Defense too.

Effort points for Speed

On Route 118, EVERY SINGLE POKÉMON you encounter except Kecleon (which is rare anyway) will give effort points for Speed.

Effort points for Special attack

Remember the route where it's snowing (or if it's ash that's falling down, I don't know)? Route 113? The one with the ash in the grass? The one full of Spindas? Yeah, battle the Spindas for Special attack effort values. And you'll get flutes as a bonus!

Effort points for Special defense

Surf. Tentacool. Get the idea?

Effort points for Hit points

Rusturf tunnel will ONLY give you Whismur, and ONLY Whismur will give you HP effort points. Marill gives two HP effort points, so try the water on Route 117.

What to do during the credits

Hold down B and it will go faster. You can also check if you see some funny Japanese names. Once I could've sworn I saw someone with the last name "Wannabe"...

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