Pics by Butterfree (me)

A Charizard sleeping on a cloud
A Charizard sleeping in moonlight
A Charizard blowing flames
A Charizard flying in the rain
A mad Charizard blowing mushroom-shaped clouds into the air(not my best one)
A Rapidash!
A cute Vaporeon sitting on a rock in the ocean
A Pikachu that looks like it's saying "Hey! You woke me up!"
A Fangcat, a lot better than that first one I made, although it isn't colored
Some Fangcats and a Tancat (a sketch)
A running fangcat (also a sketch)
An Electwo (Electrode clone) card I made
A really, really, REALLY weird Meowth
A Ponyta, guess it's okay
A Jolteon lying in such a weird pose it's unimaginable
Pidread, a ghost version of Pidgeot (ooh spooky!), flying
Pidread, sitting and looking very ghostly
Pideath, the ghost version of Pidgeotto
A Scyther! Yay! I CAN DRAW SCYTHER! ...Okay, it's not that good, but what matters is that I've never been able to draw a proper scythe, let alone a whole Scyther.
A Scyther with crossed arms; better than the first one
Fear Pikadracula the vampire... drawn on the Mew's hangout Oekaki

Pics by Dannichu

Shoyru and Pikachu
Aquochu (Water type Pikachu)
Nwachu (Dark type Pikachu)
Senikachu (Psychic type Pikachu)
A Pikachu saying Happy 2003
A cool Charizard!
A Butterfree!
A really cute pic she sent for my birthday! Thanks Dannichu!
A Bulbatwo (from the Quest for the Legends)
An adorable little Rainteicune :)
An Absol (a Ruby and Sapphire pokémon)!
Being a Pikachu lover, she drew this Pikatwo!
...and this one which looks more evil
Another Nwachu
PikaCard ad! Very cute and funny! I just had to put it up!

Pics by Teddiursa


Pics by Latias sister

A cute Bayleef in the sky!
I'm not sure, but I'm almost sure this is a fake of hers. It's called Freezamoo.
A graceful Suicune!
Another Suicune!

Pics by Mewkitty

A really cool Charizard she sent for my birthday!

Pics by CoolGuy68

Zapflarcuno (way too similar to Molzapart, but well...)
Dark Horsea swarm card
Blackfusion card
Bamoo card (only the picture comes from CoolGuy68, the card itself is Mewkitty's Freezachu)
A Pikachu in a balloon saying "best site ever" (thanks, CoolGuy)
A Pikachu playing cards with a trainer so it won't get caught (a new animated one)
Pikachus sitting by the fire
Unidentified pokémon

Pics by Mew13

A Ho-oh flying
Lugia's storm
Evil, angry Zapdos
Articuno at Seafoam islands
Moltres' volcano

Pics by Pepperspal

A weird Blastoise
Rainbow Skarmory
A Suicune

Pics by Ice C80

Blue ditto
Elehound and Dethound (fake pokémon)
Mew's hangout!

Pics by Jolty

Shiny Charizard vs. normal Charizard
A Pikachu

Pics by Ricky

Baby Eevee
An extremely coooooooool Quilava!

Pics by Kingdra2000

A Charizard spurting flames

Pics by uncchris


Pics by Pokemon333

Angry Charmander

Pics by K.S. Moltres

Snarling Suicune

Pics by Sparkchu

Mawile vs. Sableye
Shuppet impersonating Duskull

Pics by Phillip Thomas


Pics by Brendolyn505

Cute pokémon

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