The Battle tower


-Tips and tricks-

OK... wanna beat the Battle tower, eh? Well, then read this carefully as a guide to the Battle tower.

The first thing you need to know about the battle tower is that they are the LUCKIEST CREATURES ON EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pokémon there, I mean. They always Critical hit when it's their only change, especially with Hyper beam, and they miss almost never. And what they can do to your pokémon... you will notice that YOUR pokémon miss like crazy and never critical hit and such things.

Second, you nust know they all know Hyper beam and/or Earthquake. What does that mean? Skarmory. It's resistant to both. Note that when I say all, I don't mean "every single one", I mean that you should always expect them to have Hyper beam and Earthquake.

Third, the rules of the battle tower are:

  1. Mewtwo, Ho-oh, Lugia, Celebi and Mew can't enter below level 70. (They ban the only pokémon that could turn the luck to your side. Well, that's how they are...)
  2. Only three pokémon may enter, and they must all be different species. (They did this so you couldn't even have a well-balanced team of six against their luck and not three Aerodactyls with Dragon rage at level ten or three Mewtwos at level 70.)
  3. No eggs. (Like anyone WOULD try to enter with an egg...)
  4. No pack items, only held items, and the items held by your three pokémon have to be three different items. (Meaning you can't buy your way through or even make all of your pokémon hold Leftovers.)
  5. No switching while the enemy is sending out a new pokémon after one has fainted. (Not listed as a rule, but it IS a rule anyway. Wonder why?)
Maybe you say: "Well, that's just... fair, isn't it? Same rules for both sides!" But it's not fair at all. Here's a list of the advantages THEY have: So, they obivously have the upper hand over you. I've challenged it hundreds of times, but I've only beaten it twice. Both times with a team of Celebi, Raikou and Hitmonlee at level 100. If you want, I'll list their moves:

Hyper beam

Iron tail
Zap cannon

Hi jump kick
Mega kick

Note that these movesets are from my cousin. He raised them to level 100, not me, and he traded them to me just for the battle tower. I'd put Recover over Hyper beam on Celebi, something accurate on Raikou and Endure over Mega kick on Hitmonlee (the few times I've used Mega kick it missed).

Here's a list of all the pokémon in the battle tower at each level:

Level 10

Exeggutor @ King's Rock - Toxic, Giga drain, Thief, Confusion
Kangaskhan @ Miracleberry - Reversal, Hyper beam, Earthquake, Attract
Unown @ Berry - Hidden power
Tauros @ King's rock - Headbutt, Swagger, Tail whip, Icy wind
Mr.mime @ Quick claw, Toxic, Psych up, Fire punch, Headbutt
Snorlax @ Miracleberry - Headbutt, Protect, Snore, Surf
Heracross @ Gold berry - Reversal, Endure, Counter, Rock smash
Houndour @ Gold berry - Faint attack, Solarbeam, Sunny day, Roar
Girafarig @ King's rock - Psybeam, Mud-slap, Shadow ball, Agility
Blissey @ Quick claw - Headbutt, Solarbeam, Rollout, Strength
Sneasel @ Gold berry - Slash, Faint attack, Surf, Blizzard
Porygon2 @ Bright powder - Psychic, Blizzard, Hyper beam, Tri attack
Misdreavus @ Focus band - Perish song, Mean look, Pain split, Shadow ball
Miltank @ Gold berry - Blizzard, Earthquake, HYper beam, Toxic
Aerodactyl @ Leftovers - Hyper beam, Supersonic, Earthquake, Bite
Lapras @ Miracleberry - Blizzard, Surf, Thunderbolt, Psychic
Wobbuffet @ Focus band - Counter, Mirror coat, Safeguerd, Destiny bond
Corsola @ Scope lens - Surf, Psychic, Recover, Ancientpower
Jolteon @ Miracleberry - Thunderbolt, Hyper beam, Shadow ball, Roar
Espeon @ Leftovers - Mud-slap, Psychic, Psych up, Toxic
Umbreon @ Gold berry - Shadow ball, Iron tail, Psych up, Toxic

Level 20

Lapras @ Gold berry - Blizzard, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Confuse ray
Gyarados @ Miracleberry - Hyper beam, Dragon rage, Thunderbolt, Fire blast
Alakazam @ Berry juice - Psychic, Psych up, Toxic, Thunderpunch
Nidoking @ Berry - Blizzard, Earthquake, Surf, Thunderpunch
Heracross @ Focus band - Endure, Reversal, Megahorn, Earthquake
Blissey @ Brightpowder - Counter, Psychic, Submission, Softboiled
Hitmonchan @ Gold berry - Thunderpunch, Ice punch, Fire punch, Mega punch
Miltank @ King's rock - Earthquake, Thunder, Attract, Surf
Umbreon @ Leftovers - Protect, Mud-slap, Toxic, Attract
Pikachu @ Light ball - Thunderbolt, Thunder, Strength, Toxic
Tauros @ Brightpowder - Thunderbolt, Earthquake, Hyper beam, Blizzard
Wigglytuff @ Pink bow - Psychic, Swagger, Psych up, Headbutt
Exeggutor @ Leftovers - Hyper beam, Psychic, Toxic, Dram eater
Scizor @ Focus band - Steel wing, Slash, Toxic, Sandstorm
Starmie @ Gold berry - Recover, Psychic, Surf, Psych up
Azumarill @ Mystic water - Surf, Blizzard, Attract, Rain dance
Quagsire @ Quick claw - Amnesia, Earthquake, Surf, Rain dance
Aerodactyl @ Gold berry - Rest, Hyper beam, Earthquake, Dragon rage
Steelix @ Gold berry - Roar, Iron tail, Swagger, Earthquake
Arcanine @ Brightpowder - Flamethrower, Roar, Hyper beam, Iron tail
Wigglytuff @ Gold berry - Hyper beam, Blizzard, Fire blast, Attract

Level 30

Ursaring @ Gold berry - Headbutt, Protect, Roar, Leer
Poliwrath @ Brightpowder - Double team, Surf, Fissure, Submission
Lapras @ Leftovers - Rain dance, Water gun, Icy wind, Strength
Primeape @ Miracleberry - Low kick, Karate chop, Reversal, Focus energy
Marowak @ Thick club - Return, Hyper beam, Earthquake, Bonemerang
Starmie @ Leftovers - Recover, Thunder wave, Psychic, Surf
Machamp @ Miracleberry - Cross chop, Ice punch, Earthquake, Fire blast
Houndoom @ Charcoal - Flamethrower, Crunch, Shadow ball, Dream eater
Crobat @ Gold berry - Attract, Confuse ray, Toxic, Wing attack
Electrode @ Brightpowder - Light screen, Thunderbolt, Protect, Thunder
Dugtrio @ King's rock - Sludge bomb, Slash, Earthquake, Mud-slap
Jynx @ Gold berry - Blizzard, Lovely kiss, Dream eater, Attract
Jolteon @ Miracleberry - Thunderbolt, Thunder wave, Roar, Mud-slap
Espeon @ Miracleberry - Confusion, Swift, Toxic, Psych up
Blissey @ Leftovers - Toxic, Reflect, Softboiled, Protect
Tentacruel @ King's rock - Wrap, Toxic, Sludge bomb, Bubblebeam
Fearow @ Brightpowder - Mirror move, Pursuit, Peck, Swift
Lanturn @ Gold berry - Rain dance, Thunder, Surf, Flail
Bellossom @ Brightpowder - Giga drain, Sunny day, Solarbeam, Double team
Gengar @ Gold berry - Thief, Lick, Night shade, Giga drain
Porygon2 @ Brightpowder - Recover, Hyper beam, Psychic, Tri attack

Level 40

Electabuzz @ King's rock - Light screen, Thunderpunch, Swift, Snore
Kingdra @ Leftovers - Surf, Hyper beam, Blizzard, Dragonbreath
Hypno @ Brightpowder - Confusion, Thunderpunch, Headbutt, Disable
Arcanine @ Charcoal - Flame wheel, Leer, Body slam, Roar
Starmie @ Leftovers - Blizzard, Thunderbolt, Surf, Psychic
Steelix @ Gold berry - Sandstorm, Iron tail, Earthquake, Toxic
Wobbuffet @ Gold berry - Counter, Mirror coat, Safeguard, Destiny bond
Alakazam @ King's rock - Psychic, Thunderpunch, Recover, Fire punch
Slowbro @ Miracleberry - Surf, Psychic, Earthquake, Blizzard
Forretress @ Leftovers - Rapid spin, Protect, Toxic, Sandstorm
Porygon2 @ no item - Conversion, Psybeam, Conversion2, Thief
Omastar @ Gold berry - Curse, Water gun, Ancientpower, Rock smash
Lapras @ Leftovers - Thunderbolt, Ice beam, Confuse ray, Surf
Tauros @ Gold berry - Return, Hyper beam, Earthquake, Iron tail
Muk @ Quick claw - Screech, Toxic, Sludge, Harden
Dugtrio @ King's rock - Sludge bomb, Hyper beam, Earthquake, Mud-slap
Exeggutor @ Brightpowder - Egg bomb, Stomp, Psych up, Confusion
Golem @ Focus band - Rock slide, Mega punch, Earthquake, Explosion
Scizor @ Scope lens - Slash, Hyper beam, Steel wing, Pursuit
Charizard @ King's rock - Fire spin, Fly, Slash, Dragon rage
Snorlax @ Quick claw - Attract, Body slam, Earthquake, Psych up

Level 50

Aerodactyl @ King's rock - Fire blast, Hyper beam, Earthquake, Iron tail
Kingdra @ Gold berry - Surf, Hyper beam, Blizzard, Dragonbreath
Starmie @ Scope lens - Thunder wave, Thunderbolt, Surf, Recover
Steelix @ Miracleberry - Sandstorm, Iron tail, Earthquake, Rest
Forretress @ Leftovers - Swagger, Explosion, Toxic, Sandstorm
Lapras @ Gold berry - Thunderbolt, Blizzard, Confuse ray, Surf
Dugtrio @ King's rock - Sludge bomb, Hyper beam, Earthquake, Slash
Scizor @ Leftovers - Slash, Hyper beam, Metal claw, Agility
Snorlax @ Leftovers - Hyper beam, Surf, Earthquake, Psych up

Crobat @ Leftovers - Confuse ray, Hyper beam, Attract, Toxic
Skarmory @ Gold berry - Sandstorm, Fly, Steel wing, Toxic
Houndoom @ Miracleberry - Rest, Crunch, Dream eater, Flametrower
Jolteon @ King's rock - Thunderbolt, Hidden power, Thunder wave, Shadow ball
Zapdos @ Miracleberry - Drill peck, Hyper beam, Thunderbolt, Thunder wave
Articuno @ Gold berry - Blizzard, Hyper beam, Roar, Icy wind
Machamp @ Gold berry - Cross chop, Fire blast, Earthquake, Thunderpunch
Girafarig @ Scope lens - Dream eater, Crunch, Earthquake, Psychic
Slowking @ Mint berry - Rest, Surf, Psichic, Amnesia
Electrode @ Miracleberry - Thunderbolt, Explosion, Mirror coat, Rest
Gyarados @ Miracleberry - Surf, Hyper beam, Rain dance, Zap cannon
Shuckle @ Leftovers - Sandstorm, Rest, Toxic, Wrap

Level 60

Jynx @ Miracleberry - Blizzard, Psychic, Shadow ball, Icy wind
Heracross @ Focus band - Reversal, Megahorn, Earthquake, Counter
Machamp @ Quick claw - Fire punch, Cross chop, Earthquake, Thunderpunch
Rhydon @ Quick claw - Surf, Rock slide, Earthquake, Iron tail
Blissey @ Leftovers - Softboiled, Toxic, Protect, Psychic
Sandslash @ Scope lens - Slash, Hyper beam, Earthquake, Snore
Parasect @ Gold berry - Spore, Hyper beam, Goga drain, Sludge bomb
Aerodactyl @ Leftovers - Bite, Hyper beam, Earthquake, Supersonic
Arcanine @ Charcoal - Flamethrower, Crunch, Extremespeed, Iron tail
Wobbuffet @ Gold berry - Counter, Mirror coat, Safeguard, Destiny bond
Golem @ Brightpowder - Fire punch, Frustrasion, Earthquake, Explosion
Kingdra @ Leftovers - Dragonbreath, Hyper beam, Surf, Blizzard
Umbreon @ Gold berry - Mud-slap, Moonlight, Psychic, Faint attack
Skarmory @ Miracleberry - Steel wing, Fly, Toxic, Protect
Porygon2 @ Leftovers - Blizzard, Recover, Toxic, Psychic
Blastoise @ Gold berry - Surf, Rapid spin, Earthquake, Blizzard
Snorlax @ Pink bow - Bock slide, Surf, Earthquake, Body slam
Tyranitar @ Gold berry - Crunch, Hyper beam, Earthquake, Rock slide
Dragonite @ Miracleberry - Icy wind, Hyper beam, Thunderbolt, Surf
Zapdos @ MInt berry - Rest, Drill peck, Thunderbolt, Thunder wave

Level 70

Exeggutor @ Miracleberry - Rest, Explpsion, Psychic, Giga drain
Tyranitar @ Leftovers - Crunch, Hyper beam, Earthquake, Rock slide
Heracross @ Brightpowder - Reversal, Endure, Earthquake, Megahorn
Primeape @ Quick claw - Cross chop, Ice punch, Thunderpunch, Rock slide
Zapdos @ Gold berry - Thunderbolt, Hyper beam, Thunder wave, Drill peck
Hitmonlee @ Focus band - Reversal, Endure, Body slam, Mega kick
Blissey @ Gold berry - Counter, Softboiled, Shadow ball, Thunderbolt
Snorlax @ Leftovers - Rock slide, Blizzard, Earthquake, Shadow ball
Mr.Mime @ King's rock - Fire punch, Reflect, Psychic, Encore
Houndoom @ King's rock - Flamethrower, Crunch, Faint attack, Roar
Ursaring @ Scope lens - Slash, Hyper beam, Earthquake, Thunderpunch
Jolteon @ Miracleberry - Thunderbolt, Hyper beam, Shadow ball, Roar
Venusaur @ Brightpowder - Sunny day, Hyper beam, Synthesis, Solarbeam
Vaporeon @ Leftovers - Blizzard, Shadow ball, Surf, Mud-slap
Girafarig @ GOld berry - Agility, Baton pass, Earthquake, Crunch
Gyarados @ Brightpowder - Surf, Hyper beam, Thunderbolt, Roar
Umbreon(1) @ Gold berry - Moonlight, Faint attack, Psychic, Shadow ball
Quagsire @ Miracleberry - Earthquake, Surf, Sludge bomb, Iron tail
Charizard @ Scope lens - Flamethrower, Hyper beam, Earthquake, Slash
Umbreon(2) @ Gold berry - Faint attack, Moonlight, Psych up, Toxic
Blastoise @ Quick claw - Hydro pump, Hyper beam, Ice punch, Iron tail

Level 80

Moltres @ Charcoal - Flamethrower, Hyper beam, Sky attak, Steel wing
Porygon2 @ Leftovers - Psychic, Hyper beam, Recover, Tri attack
Victreebel @ Quick claw - Giga drain, Hyper beam, Sludge bomb, Toxic
Lapras @ Mint berry - Rest, Surf, Confuse ray, Psychic
Tauros @ Gold berry - Body slam, Hyper beam, Earthquake, Iron tail
Aerodactyl @ Miracleberry - Rest, Hyper beam, Earthquake, Roar
Pinsir @ Gold berry - Submission, Hyper beam, Strength, Toxic
Granbull @ Brightpowder - Roar, Hyper beam, Shadow ball, Thunderpunch
Forretress @ Leftovers - Explosion, Solarbeam, Toxic, Swagger
Electrode @ King's rock - Thunderbolt, Explosion, Mirror coat, Toxic
Kingdra @ Mint berry - Rest, Surf, Blizzard, Dragonbreath
Gengar @ no item - Thunderbolt, Shadow ball, Confuse ray, Thief
Mantine @ Gold berry - Surf, Confuse ray, Blizzard, Wing attack
Skarmory @ Quick claw - Steel wing, Fly, Mud-slap, Toxic
Snorlax @ Leftovers - Rest, Belly drum, Earthquake, Snore
Dragonite @ Gold berry - Thunder wave, Surf, Thunderbolt, Outrage
Houndoom @ Mint berry - Rest, Crunch, Flamethrower, Sunny day
Jynx @ Quick claw - Lovely kiss, Blizzard, Dream eater, Psychic
Tyarnitar @ Miracleberry - Rest, Crunch, Earthquake, Rock slide
Jolteon @ Miracleberry - Thunder wave, Thunderbolt, Roar, Iron tail
Dugtrio @ Scope lens - Slash, Thief, Earthquake, Mud-slap

Level 90

Kingdra @ Leftovers - Dragonbreath, Hyper beam, Surf, Blizzard
Machamp @ Quick claw - Fire blast, Cross chop, Earthquake, Vital throw
Snorlax @ Miracleberry - Fire blast, Hyper beam, Earthquake, Surf
Porygon2 @ Quick claw - Toxic, PSychic, Recover, Protect
Shuckle @ Leftovers - Toxic, Wrap, Protect, Encore
Arcanine @ Mint berry - Flamethrower, Sunny day, Extremespeed, Rest
Muk @ Quick claw - Toxic, Sludge bomb, Attract, Giga drain
Cloyster @ Leftovers - Explosion, Blizzard, Surf, Icy wind
Lapras @ Mint berry - Rest, Surf, Thunderbolt, Psychic
Dragonite @ Quick claw - Fire blast, Hyper beam, Outrage, Blizzard
Blissey @ Leftovers - Fire blast, Softboiled, Solarbeam, Sunny day
Crobat @ Gold berry - Wing attack, Hyper beam, Haze, Giga drain
Starmie @ Leftovers - Recover, Thunderbolt, Surf, Psychic
Tyranitar @ Quick claw - Crunch, Hyper beam, Earthquake, Rock slide
Houndoom @ Brightpowder - Flamethrower, Crunch, Sunny day, Solarbeam
Umbreon @ King's rock - Faint attack, Mud-slap, Moonlight, Confuse ray
Skarmory @ Quick claw - Sandstorm, Steel wing, Toxic, Return
Miltank @ Leftovers - Milk drink, Body slam, Earthquake, Attract
Tauros @ Pink bow - Thunderbolt, Hyper beam, Earthquake, Attract
Flareon @ Mint berry - Flamethrower, Hyper beam, Shadow ball, Roar
Espeon @ Gold berry - Psychic, Shadow ball, Sunny day, Morning sun

Level 100

Electrode @ Brightpowder - Thunder wave, Thunderbolt, Explosion, Mirror coat
Kingdra @ Leftovers - Surf, Dragonbreath, Rest, Toxic
Scizor @ Quick claw - Steel wing, Hyper beam, Slash, Toxic
Exeggutor @ Quick claw - Psychic, Toxic, Explosion, Giga drain
Arcanine @ Leftovers - Flamethrower, Hyper beam, Extremespeed, Iron tail
Rhydon @ Miracleberry - Surf, Hyper beam, Earthquake, Rock slide
Golem @ Brightpowder - Fire blast, Explosion, Earthquake, Rock slide
Blissey @ Leftovers - Fire blast, Thunderbolt, Blizzard, Softboiled
Lanturn @ Quick claw - Rain dance, Zap cannon, Surf, Confuse ray
Misdreavus @ Focus band - Perish song, Mean look, Pain split, Shadow ball
Houndoom @ Mint berry - Crunch, Flamethrower, Roar, Rest
Fearow @ King's rock - Drill peck, Hyper beam, Steel wing, Mud-slap
Machamp @ Quick claw - Cross chop, Hyper beam, Earthquake, Vital throw
Charizard @ Scope lens - Flamethrower, Slash, Earthquake, Fly
Piloswine @ Mint berry - Rest, Hyper beam, Earthquake, Blizzard
Steelix @ Leftovers - Swagger, Hyper beam, Earthquake, Crunch
Jolteon @ Brightpowder - Thunderbolt, Roar, Thunder wave, Iron tail
Sneasel @ Scope lens - Slash, Blizzard, Dream eater, Faint attack
Hitmonchan @ Focus band - Fire punch, Thunderpunch, Counter, Ice punch
Touros @ King's rock - Thuinderbolt, Hyper beam, Earthquake, Iron tail
Omastar @ Leftovers - Blizzard, Surf, Ancientpower, Toxic

Phew... that was a long list...

Well, here are some techniques to use against some very annoying pokémon in the Tower:

Wobbuffet: Use a quicker pokémon with both physical and special attacks. If you have to switch in, start out with a your weakest attack or a non-damaging one and watch if it uses Counter or Mirror coat. If you don't need to switch in, it doesn't matter because Wobbuffet normally starts battles with Safeguard. Next, if you didn't switch in, if your first attack was physical, use a special attack, and if it was special, use a physical attack. If you switched in, however, if it used Mirror coat on you, use a physical attack, and if it used Counter, use a special attack. Next turn, if you used a special attack, use a physical attack, and if you used a physical attack, use a special attack, and so on. This works because if you used a special attack last turn, it will use Mirror coat, and if you used a physical attack last turn, it will use Counter. It never learns, it's so stupid.

Well, I actually don't have any more techniques against specific pokémon. Back to home