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-The Battle tower-

The TRUTH about the Steel type

The Steel type is resistant to every type except Fire, Water, Electric, Ground and Fighting - that is, if you count the immunity to Poison as a resistance. Don't believe that stupid gibberish about Steel being resistant to everything it isn't weak to except Water - it isn't resistant to electric. Just try it on Skarmory and Scizor.

The TRUTH about the legendary pokémon

In Crystal, only Suicune is found in a different place than in Gold and Silver. Lugia is gotten exactly the same way as in Gold, but to get into the Tin tower, you need to catch Raikou, Entei AND Suicune. After catching them, the wise trio will give you the Rainbow wing.

The TRUTH about Celebi

You can't catch Celebi in the English version of Pokémon crystal, only in the Japanese version.

The TRUTH about the female Mr.Mime mystery

The truth is... that there is no mystery! Mr.Mime's Japanese name has nothing to do with it being male, and the name Mr.Mime was made before genders came to be. So when Gold and Silver came out, there were female Mr.Mimes, and in Japan, there was nothing wrong with it. It's NOA's fault for making that name.

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