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-Keeping Pikachu happy-

The TRUTH about Bulbasaur

This is wrong on incredibly many sites. I hate seeing sites showing some different ways to get it, most of them based on beating Misty, and noone cares to proof what they claim. I have got Bulbasaur twice before beating Misty with my "Single-training technique". That means I used only Pikachu throughout before I had to turn my Gameboy off. And I now know for sure what mood Pikachu needs to be in. To get Bulbasaur, Pikachu has to be happy enough to act like this when you talk to it:

  1. Jumps twice rapidly.
  2. Says "Pikachu".
  3. Jumps twice rapidly again.
  4. The frame with Pikachu's picture appears, and it KEEPS JUMPING ON THE PICTURE.
That's IT. NO more requeremants are needed. I've proved this myself, and I guarantee that it will do. (Note: When Single-training Pikachu, it becomes a LOT happier than normally. When Single-training Pikachu well, it should reach at least level 20 somewhere in Mount Moon, so you're not treating Pikachu badly if it wasn't happy enough when you first reached Cerulean city. For the first time I did this, it actually wasn't happy enough when I first came. I had to beat Gary on the Nugget bridge first, because I had lost to Jesse and James in Mount Moon.)

The TRUTH about S.S Anne

This is a very popular code on the internet - the one that says if you Surf where S.S Anne is, you can get on an island with a truck and if you push the truck with Strength, Mew is under it. This code was absoulutely EVERYWHERE, but it's fake. Yes, the truck is there, but there's no way to push it with Strength. But Mew actually is in the game. Go to the "tips and tricks" section to find out.

The TRUTH about the Moon stones

There are FIVE Moon stones in Red, Blue and Yellow. Five, not three. Two of them are invisible. Have fun finding them!

The TRUTH about Pikablu

Pikablu doesn't exist. No, not in G/S/C either. It's MARILL, NOT PIKABLU! There's no Pikablu, only Marill in G/S/C and it's a pure Water type, not Water/Electric type, and it's about as related to Pikachu as Sandshrew.

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