04/28/07 So, it's out.

Anybody got a Vespique(e)n or a Porygon(-)Z? Or have the Glacier/Glacial badge?

For that matter, anybody got an extra Diamond they could send to Iceland? *all-too-hopeful grin*

04/02/07 Told ya.

From Serebii's announcement:

Ok guys, I figured you may as well know the truth now

The news I posted yesterday was part of an April Fools, just not the one you all thought.

The news is all 100% real. I would never reveal fake news as a joke. I take pride in the fact that I never post false information. I consider your readership and consistent loyalty to be based upon trust that our information is accurate. It isn't fair to create false information that could potentially upset & anger people.

That said, I did plan the day very well, I wanted to see the reaction of the community to something like this, and the results were perfect. it goes to show that if people like the stuff they're all "yeah, this must be real", but once they find stuff they don't like they just go on saying they're fake. It's pretty sad actually.

So yeah, that was the main April Fools was a joke upon the people who thought and insisted they were fake.

Hope you had a good one

So yes, those are the real names. Even though there is now a second Glacierbadge and some rather silly names (I have to say that "X-Scissor" sounds much more forced than "Scissor Cross", and "U-Turn" makes it sound like the Pokémon is a car or something o.O).

EDIT: Hell, I'll comment on some of the other attack names.

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I don't think they're as bad as people seem to be whining about, really. I mean, there are a couple of awkward ones, but many more that sound distinctly less so than Coronis's translations. :/ Also, I don't even remember anymore what attacks people were whining about when Ruby and Sapphire were translated (aside from Aerial Ace), so I really wouldn't worry too much about people resenting the names.

01/04/07 Serebiijoke.

Look what the cat brought home.

Making up English names for everything in D/P. Kind of brilliant, and freakishly difficult.

Of course, we have several good reasons to believe it is indeed an April Fools' joke:

  1. I first came to in, what, 2002 or 2003? Every year, he has written in one of his updates and in a forum announcement near the end of March to warn people about the fact that many Pokémon websites are going to be posting April Fools' jokes, revealing new Pokémon, new games, etc., telling people not to believe them but at the same time assuring us that his site would not participate in April Fools' Day and that his info would be accurate as ever on that day. Except now. He did make a forum announcement warning people not to believe anything on April Fools' Day, no matter who it comes from - but this time no statement at the end excluding from the warning.
  2. In the update itself, there is also no trace of a "THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOLS' JOKE" which anybody who is not joking would of course place at the very beginning of it.
  3. After reversing his forum joke (removing avatars and ridiculously limiting signatures), he stated that "This was not the whole joke." Hmm, what else could it be?

However, I find it to sound quite unlikely that Joe would simply bother to invent names for all that stuff, and given that he apparently had all the English names of the Pokémon already, it has led me to declare it to be a more twisted joke: those ARE the right names, and the above points were all an elaborate setup to make us THINK they are fake. This is further supported in this post of Serebii's:

They may be a joke, but not in the way you believe

Therefore, my final conclusion (or speculative theory, if you like) is that those probably are the English names and Joe is using this twisted April Fools' Day setup to make people as confused as possible. But we'll see.

03/31/07 What have we here...

It appears that Serebii has changed his mind about Kureseria's name: while he used to say it was Cresseria, it now says (as Pokéxperto always claimed) that it is Cresselia. However, he still insists that it is Porygon-Z and Vespiquen while Pokéxperto is firm on it being Vespiqueen and PorygonZ (look in the drop-down where it says "Nuevos Pokémon"; he hasn't updated that list at the bottom for a while). One down, two to go.

But I decided anyway that I was going to update my List Generator and Sprite Generator with the new names as they seem to be generally accepted, but on those two I ended up taking one of each: I just can't believe they're going to name it "Vespiquen" with one e, but at the same time I think that with the game's tradition of putting Pokémon names in all-caps, they have good reason to use PORYGON-Z rather than PORYGONZ (which sounds more like a wannabe rapper trying to put it in the plural). So that's what I ended up using. One of them will probably be wrong, but meh.

03/14/07 All the D/P Names?

Apparently, a list of all the supposed D/P names was posted on GameFAQs. Now, I will warn you that I am personally very skeptical about them - there was a list like this posted on GameFAQs before the release of Ruby and Sapphire which claimed for example Absol's name to be "Goatsevil". However, Serebii, who apparently had some inside information about the names, appears to be buying the list (at least he speaks of "the names" having been leaked without any warning of them possibly not being true), and this would seem to hint that the names in the list match those that he alone has had access to, which does make them sound more credible. Either way, we'll see; I will not put the new names in the list generator or sprite generator until their validity is fully confirmed. Here are all the supposed names, with the ones we knew already recapped:

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Yes, yay, I made a LiveJournal-like cut system. All hail the cuts.

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