CHAPTER 2: Team Masters!

Some years later, Will, Prof. Oak, Prof. Elm, Tom, and Angela were coming to Hoenn. The well known Will, Tom, and Angela defeated Team Rocket, and Prof. Oak and Elm are some of the best Pokemon Professors in the world. They were going to Littleroot Town, where they will meet Prof. Birch and the famous married couple, Brendan and May. They heard about Team Magma and Team Aqua, and they wanted to stop their evil plans before it's too late.

"How will we defeat them?" Birch asked.

"We can use my Pikachu!" Will said, and Pikachu screamed out "Pika!"

"You'll need help from Rage!" Tom and his Typhlosion were ready for battling.

"You can also get help from my Misdreavus!" Angela said, and her Misdreavus was ready for anything.

Brendan said in a low voice, “It won't be easy, guys. These guys are smarter than you think."

"We should know," May said. "They lived right here in Littleroot Town."

"But there are only two houses. Brendan, you lived in one, and May, you lived in another, “Angela said.”Where did they live? Don't tell me they lived with you-"

"No!" Brendan protested. Prof. Birch knew what Angela was about to say was true, but he can see why they didn't tell.

"Do you know their Pokemon, Prof. Birch?" Tom asked.

"They both have a Mightyena and a Golbat. Max also has a Camerupt," Prof. Birch answered.

"Let's get moving!" Will said, and they were about to leave, but they realized that Prof. Oak and Prof. Elm weren't coming with them. "C'mon, Professors!"

"Uh, they can't go," Birch, said. "I need help with my project, and these people are the only ones who can help me."

"It's true," Elm said.

There was a short silence, but Brendan and May broke it.

Brendan said, "C'mon!"

May said, "We gotta go!"

"Yeah!" The rest of them screamed. Brendan and May winked at Birch for helping them. Birch waved at them.

"Bye mom! I'll say bye to dad when we reach Petalburg." Brendan said good- bye to his mom, and they were ready to go. Brendan's dad was at the Petalburg Gym, since he was the Gym Leader.

Therefore, this team, called Team Masters, had to go to Mt. Prye and save the Red and Blue Orbs before Team Magma and Team Aqua reached there before them. Unfortunately, Team Magma and Aqua were ahead of them, and they stole items from the Devon Company. Team Masters ran quickly through Old Dale and Petalburg, healing their Pokemon and getting a few items to help them during their journey. Once they reached Rustboro, they ran straight to the Devon Company and went to the top floor, running through the security people. They all ran upstairs and told the President about themselves and that they wanna help. Then the security people came and were escorting them out, but:

"Wait! Leave them alone!" The President told the security people to go downstairs and get his secratary. "So, you guys will help me get those maggots?"

"Of course! We will try our best!" Brendan shouted out.

"Thank you!"

Then the President's secretary came in.

"Yes, President?"

"Ah, yes. Get me 5 pairs of our two newest items."

"OK, sir."

Team Masters waited patiently and the secretary brung 5 boxes up, 5 big and 5 small.

"Thank you. Tom, Angela, Brendan, May, and Will, these will help you on your journey."

The President gave each person a big box and a small box. They opened them up.

"Wow!" Brendan said in astonishment.

"What are these stuff?" Will asked.

The president explained. "These are your two items. A present to help you with your operation. Running Shoes are what they called. Those shoes are great for running, especially since you will go a faster when running. People call those items Pokemon Navigator, or PokeNav. That small item has the ability to record data. It has a map of Hoenn, a Trainer's Eye, a special thing that shows you which trainers want to battle, and a Ribbon Recorder. It records all the ribbons your Pokemon received."

"Thanks," they all said at one time.

The President was delighted. "No problem."

They put on their new shoes and put their PokeNavs in a safe place. They ran to the PokeCenter and healed their Pokemon. Then they heard something on the PokeNews.

'This just in! Capt. Stern is ready to fix the S.S. Tidal at Slateport. He needs all the help he can get, so maybe you can make a difference!'

"Oh no!"

"Captain Stern!"

"We have to go!"


Why were they making such a commotion? What is the problem? Does it have anything to do with Team Magma or Team Aqua? Or somebody else?

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