The polls of the week!

Poll 1: Do you like the fake pokémon?
Yeah, they're great! 6
Very good, but I've seen better ones 0
Uhhh... not that special... 0
Not very good 0
Terrible! 0
Total voters: 6


Poll 2: Do you like the Quest for the Legends fanfic?
Yeah, it's great! 10
Good, but I've seen much better fanfics 1
Nothing special about it 0
Not very good 0
Terrible! 1
Total voters: 12


Poll 3: Do you like the pokémon pics?
They're all great! 2
The fanart's good, but yours are better 19
Yours are good, but the fanart is better 0
All pretty mediocre 1
The fanart is mediocre, yours are better 0
Yours are mediocre, the fanart is better 0
All terrible! 0
The fanart's terrible, yours are better 3
Yours are terrible, the fanart is better 1
Total voters: 26


Poll 4: Do you like the pokémon hangman?
I love it!!!!! 16
It's pretty fun, I like it 10
Okay, but could be better 2
I don't like it 1
Boring! 3
Total voters: 32


Poll 5: Do you like the quizzes?
They're fun! 5
A little too hard for my taste 4
Too easy! 1
They get my brain to work 2
*yawn* 0
Where did YOU get the answers??? 13
Zzzzzzzzz... 0
Total voters: 25


Poll 6: Do you like the truth sections?
Yeah, finally the truth 4
How do I know THIS is the truth? 2
Found all of it out looooong ago 5
Everyone knows that! 0
Who cares what's true and what's not? 1
Total voters: 12


Poll 7: Do you like the pokémon jokes?
Yeah, they're FUNNY! 3
They're okay, but not that funny 2
Not exactly funny, but fun anyway 3
Pretty dull 0
Do you call these jokes??? 0
Total voters: 8


Poll 8: Do you like the splash page?
Yeah, it's really great! 9
Pretty cool 0
Splash pages are pointless 0
Not very well animated, but well drawn 0
Both terribly drawn and animated! 0
Total voters: 9


Poll 9: Do you like the fake cheats?
They're good as a joke!! 16
They're pointless, since they don't work 2
Get some more, then I can judge them 1
They're not convincing... 1
I didn't bother looking at them 1
Total voters: 21


Poll 10: Do you like the real cheats?
They've helped me a lot! 14
I don't cheat on my game 7
I got too scared because of that message 0
Why don't you have gameshark codes? 1
They're just the cheats everyone knows 2
Total voters: 24


Poll 11: Do you like the "what pokémon are you" quiz?
Yes, I loved it!! 26
Yay! I was one of my favorite pokémon! 4
Ack! I hate the pokémon I was! 1
The personalities don't fit the pokémon! 2
That personality didn't fit me... 0
It didn't fit my answers 0
It's the same as all other such quizzes 2
Total voters: 35


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