About TCOD

We are a responsible team of developers who have created this product for the good of the people...

No, fine. It's a joke. An April Fools' joke, if you couldn't tell. This is a parody of the many corporate websites out there, which for all their professionalism and assurances of providing "quality solutions" or whatever often make it freakishly difficult to discover just what the heck that company is selling (in this case, it is just plain impossible). It was created on spur of the moment, just because I felt like parodying it and realized it would be an ideal April Fools' joke, even though it wouldn't be too difficult to see through.

Note the name and location of the company that supposedly makes "TCOD Solutions" - it's "DRAG", and its headquarters are located on "Flyc Avenue". So the domain they apparently have does make sense. :P It's not Dragonfly Cave; it's DRAG on Flyc Ave.

Now, presumably you came here looking for The Cave of Dragonflies (which, by the way, is abbreviated TCoD, not TCOD), so you should perhaps just go to the Cave of Dragonflies home page.