Chapter 4: Flying lesson
Once we were back, Morpheus picked up another pokéball right away.

“What now?” I asked him curiously.

“You’ve got to learn to fly,” said Morpheus. “You have wings alright, but you’ve never used the muscles that control them.”

“Well, technically not my other ones either, but I can still use them,” I pointed out as Morpheus inserted some disks here and there and pressed buttons like he had never done anything else.

“You’ve never believed you were using them, either,” said Morpheus without looking up. “You never thought they existed.”

I searched mentally around my body trying to find any muscles I didn’t remember having, but without success.

“I can’t figure out how to move them,” I told Morpheus. He turned around.

“That’s exactly what I meant,” he said, and picked up another pokéball. He recalled me into it, and I was transferred to a fake world consisting of giant skyscrapers, one of which I stood on top of, and the street below, which had a lot of cars driving on it. I got dizzy by looking down.

Morpheus emerged beside me, as well as Trinity. Trinity never seemed to change her expression. Well, probably just because she had red, compound eyes without eyelids and her mouth didn’t look very flexible either.

“Well,” Morpheus started as he grabbed my wing-tips, “First off, you need to stretch your wing muscles a bit. You’ve never moved them in your life, after all. And since you can’t move them, I need to stretch them for you.”

I gave a yelp as he, as it seemed from my point of view, twisted my beautiful wings in all directions and stretched them to the sides.

“So,” he said once he was done with that, “now it’s time for you to fly.”

“What?” I questioned. “You still haven’t showed me how to move my wings!”

“I can’t tell you where your own muscles are located,” answered Morpheus calmly. “You need to find out for yourself. And your brain will have the easiest time finding them while you’re falling, as it should give an automatic response to the fact that you’re about to crash into the street below. Well, ‘should’ isn’t the appropriate word. ‘Will’ would be better.”

“Er, o… kay…” I said as I looked down. The ground seemed even farther away than before.

“But just to be completely safe, it’s best that you REALLY feel like you’re in danger,” Morpheus added as he gave me a good pat on the back so I lost my balance.

And down I fell.

I screamed my lungs out (whether I actually had any in the first place or not). And the bad thing was that my brain wasn’t making any big discoveries, except that maybe the Type Chart was a bit more real than I thought. I was starting to get terrible suspicions.


By the time I finished the sentence, I was too far down to hear the answer, if I got one at all. The cars drew nearer…

Morpheus swooped down from the skyscraper and grabbed my wing end. Then he flew back up, a second before I hit the street.

“Sorry,” said Morpheus as we landed on the skyscraper. I lay down there trying to get over the shock. “I forgot something – if you die in here, you can’t be sent back out from the ball, and since you’re dead here already… well, for short, you’d be dead. Now it should work; I guess that was the reason why your brain didn’t react properly to the fall…”

“I’m not going to jump down there again,” I said, just catching my breath.

“You must,” said Morpheus reassuringly. “It’s the only way you can help us.”

“Doing what?” I asked, because on second thought, they hadn’t told me that yet.

“Turning the 00bers to our side. All except Smith, we must defeat him in battle. He’s acting of his own free will, as he was created by humans.”

“How the heck are we going to defeat Mewtwo in battle? 154 base Special attack, are you mad?” I asked loudly.

“The other 00bers can help us,” said Morpheus, grinning. “That’s why we want to get them to join us; as soon as Smith is gone, everything else will be a piece of cake. We’re so much more powerful than the humans.”

“But isn’t he the most powerful of them all?” I asked doubtfully, standing up.

“Well, yes,” said Morpheus. “But when we have many almost as powerful, it should work. And if everything else fails, we have you. The One.”

“Don’t listen to him,” said Trinity. “There have been five pokémon he thought were the One, and Smith or some other 00ber killed them all.”

I swallowed, but tried not to seem scared.

“This time it’s different,” said Morpheus angrily, turning to Trinity as his expression darkened. “He’s the One! A Bug type! What is Mewtwo weak to? Bug, Ghost and Dark. He’s the first one who is any of them. This time it can’t fail!”

“Why isn’t Trinity the One?” I asked. “She’s also a Bug type.”

“Because Morpheus is too convinced that the One has to be male,” Trinity fussed and turned.

“No, it’s because even though she’s a Bug type, she doesn’t learn any Bug type attacks so that won’t do. Butterfrees specialize in psychic powers, just like Smith does, actually.”

I grinned at the little war going on between Morpheus and Trinity, but I didn’t get much time to because suddenly I found myself surrounded by a purple aura, and certainly not obeying the orders I gave them, my legs started walking out of the roof and as I stood there in mid-air (almost fainting from acrophobia), I yelled out:


“As you wish,” she replied casually and I felt myself starting to fall.

OK, I thought, I have wings, what the heck am I doing, just falling like that?

I imagined sitting by my computer and entering “wing muscles” into the search query box. Google search…

Searched the body for “wing muscles”. Results 1-2 of about 2. Search took 0.18 seconds.

My wings started vibrating upon my order like they had never done anything else. I felt my stiff muscles loosening up. It was wonderful. Just a bit… more… power…

Flap… harder…

I managed to slow myself down and turn a bit for a safe landing on the sidewalk. Now it was just seeing if I could take off.

I flapped my wings slowly. Of course, bugs needed to flap them at incredible speed. But I wasn’t used to being a bug! I couldn’t move my wings as fast as a bug. My wings could move that fast, but I couldn’t tell them to. I just couldn’t believe it…

Believe it? Who could believe we were all video game characters in reality? I just knew it. And I knew I was a bug and my brain could indeed tell my wings to fly.

My wings started vibrating again, but it was easier this time. Slowly, I started feeling light. Just one bit more…

“I CAN FLY!” I yelled as a tickling sensation took over my body. Oh, life is good.