------------------------------ A Day at Da Team Rocket Base! -----------------------------

Author: Mew13
Email: madasanat@hotmail.com
Rating: INSANE! Contains a little fake blood, that's all!
Quote: "It is a little Pichu!" "Okay, what was that all about?!"

Author's notes: WHEEEEEEEEEE! INSANITY FOREVER! This shall be silly... Muhahaha... notes will be in ~s.

9 AM

It was an ordinary morning at da Team Rocket base thingy.
Suddenly, Jessie, James and Meowth rushed in. They were carrying a Pokemon egg.
Meowth was running about like the insane lunatic he was.
~Just pretend, okay?!~

Giovanni: What is it?
James: Using this egg, we will blow up Team Aqua!
Giovanni: Why not Team Magma as well?

James suddenly turned into a Pichu and started Thundershocking Meowth.
Jessie turned into an Exploud and bit Meowth's head off. It spewed fake blood everywhere!

Everyone: *gasp!*

A Meowth suddenly appeared from da door!

Meowth: Did you like da robot? It silly!

Suddenly Gary da idiot appeared and was talking in his annoying show-off accent.
Gary went away and everyone partied.
Team Aqua appeared!
~Pokebattle mode on! For anyone who doesn't know, the bits in "s are what someone is saying and the bits in --- is Gameboy text!~
--- WILD TEAM AQUA appeared!
"Who said we're wild?!"
--- ME!
"You're telling me!"
--- JESSIE ran away!
~Pokebattle off~
1 PM
Suddenly Archie started panicking and screaming.

James: OH NO! The mustache is taking over his face! We have to amputate!
Meowth got out da saw.
Archie's mustache started growing all over his face. Only his nose and right eye were visable. His head then dropped off!

Meowth: Oh well. That saves chopping it off!

The head grew legs that looked like spider legs! Oh no!
Archie's head started firing needles at Giovanni's eyeballs! Oh no!
Fortunatly they missed cos Archie's head couldn't aim right! Oh yay!

More Team Aqua members came in carrying Professor Umbridge from Harry Potter.
Meowth danced around Umbridge and a Psyduck appeared. It glowed pink for a second and when it stopped it had evolved into a Plastic explosive!
~Sorry, I have an obbssesion with putting plastic explosives in stories today...~
Professor Umbridge then became a big fat piggy!
She was being chased by Archie's head!

Team Aqua grunt: We have another one!
They brought in with extreme difficulty Dudley from Harry Potter.
The Plastic explosive Psyduck appeared and turned Dudley into a big pig da size of a Wailmer, mind you, he was already that size.
8 PM
Giovanni made special treats for Team Aqua to eat. However, they did not know they were Sugary Plastic explosives!
Team Aqua's teeth fell out! Yay!
Archie couldn't eat any cos he was chasing Umbridge and Dudley da piggies and attacking them with bits of mustache and besides da mustache had taken over. Da mustache was controlling his brain da whole time!

MWAHAHHA! I had a good laugh with that one! I HATE Team Aqua, they wanna drown us all! I'm with Team Magma! I got the idea for the evil mustache when me and my friend Spoink were doodling on my homework planner. I drew an evil face and Spoink scribbled over it. Then she wrote "Uncle Vernon" beside it, since we were making up jokes about him all da time... and I wrote "OH NO! The mustache is taking over his face! We have to amputate!" And it was soooooo funny! And then in Geography, after da test, we got these cross word sheets to do, and we drew on the back of them, and I drew Vernon's head with it being 99.9 % mustache, with little spider legs! TOO FUNNY! And then I drew Umbridge as a piggy and Dudley as a SUPER FAT piggy! And then I drew Umbridge being chased by a Vernonhead! I was just imagining what would happen if it happened to Archie, since I hate him so muh and he has a mustache!

Hope you enjoyed this story, it was fun to write and I cracked up quite a bit!

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon or Harry Potter, end of story.


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