Rockem Sockem Rockets

By Aerostorm

Characters: Mako, Milo, Boss, Maxie, Archie and Jeff the Talking Croconaw

In Team Rocketís secret headquarters...

Boss: So Jeff, have your boneheaded trainers come up with a decent idea?

Jeff: You wont ave to worry about those losers, for you see...(pushes a button on a remote)

Mako and Miloís heads spring up.

Jeff: I made them Rockem Sockem Robots!

Boss: So.....

Jeff: So if anyone wants to stop us, we duel them using these idiots! Loser gets tossed in the pit.

Boss: The pit of Earth President George W. Bushís biographies?

Jeff: The same one.

Boss: I love you! You are so cruel!

Jeff: Iíll return them to normal mode.(pushes button)

Milo: Huh? Jeff, let me see that remote.(pushes button)

Jeff: Oh no.

Mako: (punches Milo. Miloís head springs up.) Cool! Stick it to the man!

Milo: You are so dead! (Beats up Mako)

Boss: Please! Beat up Team Aqua, or Magma, or ANYONE ELSE!!

Jeff: Iíll shut them off. (Pushes button)

Boss: Lets just toss these pieces of junk out the window. ( throws out Milo.)


Maxie: Look at these! Rockem Sockem Robots!

Magma Grunt: Take one, weíll duplicate it.

Maxie: Excellent idea. You arenít fired!


Archie: Look! Rockem Sockem Robot!

Aqua Grunt: Letís steal it!

The next day at the Game Freak Awards......

Satoshi Tajiri: Thank you! Iíd like to thank Pikachu!

Pikachu: Pi pika!

Announcer: And the best team award..... is a tie between Aqua and Magma?

Maxie: What theĖ

Archie: What?!

Archie and Maxie grab their Rockem Sockem Rocket Grunts.

Announcer: Iím an award announcer! I canít announce this!

Jayse ( somehow snuck into the Game Freak Awards in Celadon City): I can announce!

Maxie is using Milo! Archie- Mako! Ready... GO! Milo punches blindly at Mako but Makoís defenses are too strong! Mako counters with a bop on the head.

Maxie: Cheap shot!

Archie: Is not!

Maxie: Is too!

Archie: Is not!

Maxie: IS TOO! (Uses Milo to smash Mako and shoot Makoís head up.) That was a cheap shot!

Archie: No fair! Do-overs!

Maxie: No Do-overs!

Archie: You cheat! Iím not gonna be rivals with you any more!

Maxie: Fine!

Announcer: The award goes to Maxie and Team Magma! You win a million bucks!

Maxie: Woo-hoo! We destroy the oceans tonight boys!

Magma grunts: Yay!

Archie: My dream, ruined!

Maxie: Go find a new planet to flood!

Archie: Yeah.... I will! (Flies into the air)

Jayse: Okay... tell me you noticed that Archie flew!

Maxie: Hey, get yer own story!

Jayse: I have my own story!

Jeff: Hey, you all need yer own stories! Iím the one that turned my trainers into robots! Is that not hilarious enough!?

Jayse: Sorry, no.

Maxie: Amateur. I once turned Archie into a Surfing Pikachu.

Jeff: Gent lost!

Jayse: Gasp!

Maxie: Gasp!

Archie: Gasp!

Maxie: Go back to your own planet.

Archie: Okay. (Flies away)

Jeff: I hate you all! Iíll go get my own story!

Jayse: Okay.

Jeff: Uh... shouldnít you give me control of the plot now?

Maxie: Heck no!

Jeff: Ay carumba! Iím gonna go to Kanto.

Jayse: This is Kanto!

Jeff: Iíll go to Johto then! My brother lives there!

Maxie: Just get lost!

Jeff: FINE! (Flies away)

Jayse: Uh.... this is pretty weird.