#150: Mewtwo


Names derived from:

Mewtwo: Mutant + mew + two

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Max stats
Natural moves
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Max stats

Attack 318
Defense 278
Speed 358
Special 406
Hit points 415
Total 1775

Natural moves and levels learned

Mewtwo Attack
Start Confusion
Start Disable
Start Swift
63 Barrier
66 Psychic
70 Recover
75 Mist
81 Amnesia

TM and HM moves

TM01 (Mega punch)
TM05 (Mega kick)
TM06 (Toxic)
TM08 (Body slam)
TM09 (Take down)
TM10 (Double-edge)
TM11 (Bubblebeam)
TM12 (Water gun)
TM13 (Ice beam)
TM14 (Blizzard)
TM15 (Hyper beam)
TM16 (Pay day)
TM17 (Submission)
TM18 (Counter)
TM19 (Seismic toss)
TM20 (Rage)
TM22 (Solarbeam)
TM24 (Thunderbolt)
TM25 (Thunder)
TM29 (Psychic)
TM30 (Teleport)
TM31 (Mimic)
TM32 (Double team)
TM33 (Reflect)
TM34 (Bide)
TM35 (Metronome)
TM36 (Selfdestruct)
TM38 (Fire blast)
TM40 (Skull bash)
TM44 (Rest)
TM45 (Thunder wave)
TM46 (Psywave)
TM49 (Tri attack)
TM50 (Substitute)
HM04 (Strength)
HM05 (Flash)

Weaknesses and resistances

Normal - *1 Fire - *1 Water - *1 Electric - *1 Grass - *1
Ice - *1 Fighting - *0.5 Poison - *1 Ground - *1 Flying - *1
Psychic - *0.5 Bug - *2 Rock - *1 Ghost - *0 Dragon - *1


Red In the field in Unknown Dungeon
Blue In the field in Unknown Dungeon
Yellow In the field in Unknown Dungeon

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