~~~Chapter Five: An Offer~~~

Almost four hours after the Rockets had turned tail and fled Pallet,Arya settled down in a comfy position on what had once been Ash's bed.She was about to doze off to the steady beat of rain outside when the door flew open complete with a bang from the storm.She sighed as Kystal stomped in,looking angry.

"What," Krystal demanded. "Are you doing?" She gave the room a quick glance as Arya sat up,rolling her eyes.Bare shelves.Desk.Broken alarm clock.And the computer was under two feet of dust,at the least.

"I thought,sis,I was going to get a little nap.That little stunt you pullled,dragging me all the way here,wasn't just a little jog for me." Arya answered sharply,more out of grumpyness then anything else.

Krystal stepped foward.Arya lowered her gaze for a second,then looked up,slightly annoyed.

"Arya,this is Ash's room." Krystal wispered.It wasn't a dangerous tone.More of awed one. "Have you any idea--"

"What the guy has done?Yeah.I have." Ayra shook her head. "And if you,for one minute,think he's somehow the all time best Krystal...I've got news for you."

Krystal made a face.

"You're just s good as he is.Who mucked up the Magma and Aqua teams?"

"You helped.Steven helped."

"Ash got help too!" Arya shot back. "If you're having so many doubts,maybe you can't face these Rocket idiots!Maybe Stella should do it alone!"Letting the covers cover her face,Arya rolled over.

She just HATED it when Krystal worshipped Ash.One day she would mop the floor with him...Just to show Krystal.


The door opened with a louder bang than before and Krystal marched in,looking slightly sulky. Daisy stopped her and pointed at Krystal's shoes wordlessly.When she was free of the sneakers,Daisy went backed to the kitichen.

"Whats wrong?" Daisy called,chopping up onions.

"Nothing.What happened to Stella and the rest of those guys?" Krystal walked over to her bag,and bent down to take out her Poke'Nav.

"They left just a few minutes ago.Stella left you a note somewhere upstairs.Gary's room."

"Thanks...I'll get to it in a second."


When Krystal finally got to the note,it was after dinner and the rain had gotten much harder.It looked,every so often,like a purple raindrop...But those didn't exist. "Just a trick of the light," Krystal thought,opening the envelope (Labeled with a star.).


You? Champion? The thought didn't really strike a big chord with me when Oak told me...But I'm forced to take this as the truth.If you really are as good as told,then I need to ask you a favor.

Allow me to fill you in on the events that the police have been working around the clock to cover up.

Several weeks ago,a trainer battle ended in a serious injury when the move 'Dark Star' was issued.We are not completely sure, but years ago,Shadow Pokemon were a very big problem.There is only smallest chance the whole ordeal as been revived.

On top of this,odd looking people were seen entering the seafoam islands.They have not been letting others enter.Whirlpools have suddenly sprung up.

Tomorrow,I will return alone for an answer.


Krystal felt her head throb.And that hadn't happened in a while.Not since she last got thrown into the crossfire of some crazy manaic team. "I need sleep," Krystal thought,unable to come up with a suitable answer.

Yes would mean boundless trouble.

No would make her look quite selfish.

She was boxed in.Again.