~~~Chapter Four: Astereon~~~

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Krystal: Get on with it! –Starts Chapter-


When the dust finally settled, Arya gasped, as Saphira was face first in the dirt, Vaporeon right next to her. Krystal looked at Saphira and smacked her forehead.

“I’m such am idiot!” Krystal said. “Water conducts anything electric… I’m sorry Saphira…” Krystal held up the Saphira’s Poke’ball and a flash of light returned Saphira to her peaceful home inside the ball.

Adam walked to Vaporeon’s side. He didn’t know what to say. He didn’t really think he’d win, but now Vaporeon was hurt, and she’d helped him through the first meeting with Krystal in two years. Without a word to the sisters, Adam picked up Vaporeon and sprinted to the Viridian Poke’mon Center.

“Well, we ought to go,” Arya said. “Don’t you think?”

“Yeah…” Krystal replied, watching Adam go. “I guess you’re right.”


Sometime later,

“Krystal, please, a break!” Arya complained. “Just five minutes!”

Krystal looked at her sister. “Oh, all right. But only five minutes.” Krystal stopped and sat on the grass next to he road. Arya joined her, pulling two cinnamon buns from her bag.

“Here.” Arya shoved the bun into Krystal’s hands and began to eat hers, suddenly losing herself in deep thought.

Are you okay? Krystal asked, taking the ‘lost in thought’ idea.

There was a pause before Saphira’s groggy reply. Yes, I think I’ll live… But I don’t want to do that again anytime soon. Did we lose?

No, we tied with him.

Oh, good…

“Hey, watch it!” Arya yelled. Krystal looked up and saw a group of men and women in black running of towards Pallet town. “I hope not everyone is as rude as that group…”

“Um, Arya, did that group have the letter ‘R’ on their chests’?” Krystal asked, steeling herself for the worst. Arya looked thoughtful for a second. Then she nodded. Krystal groaned. “Now we have to get to Pallet Town!”

“You’ve lost me,” Arya said.

“That group, I think they were part of Team Rocket.”

“Damn!” Arya swore. “I thought we said Team Aqua and Magma were enough!” She ran after Krystal, who’d already taken off towards Pallet.”


By the time Krystal and Arya arrived, they were to late and watched from the tall grass (“Ouch, this stuff really pokes you hard!”) as the Rocket members ushered everyone to the middle of the little town. Two Rocket members were questioning the last girl, who was in a green dress.

“This is terrible...” Krystal moaned. “Ash isn’t even around to stop these goons…”

“And who said we needed him?” Arya pointed out. “I think we can do just fine by ourselves with these criminals.”

“I thought I was supposed to be the swelled head idiot.”

“Don’t push it…” There a flap of wings and Krystal looked up to see what looked like a sphinx with the legs of an Absol, neck of a Jolteon and tail of a Flareon.

“What the hell is that?!” Krystal wispered.


They watched as a 13-year-old girl jumped off the creatures back. Two boys and another girl followed, landing and jumping off the backs of their Pidgeotto. Krystal moved closer to hear what was being said.

“Agh, not you fools again!” The leader of the Rocket group snarled. “Go on, little kiddies, get on home. This isn’t a place for young people.”

“Don’t call Stella a fool!” One of the boys snapped. “Using Poke’mon as tools and then trying to profit off everything, look at yourselves!” The flock of Pidgeotto and Sphinx like Poke’mon let out growls of agreement.

“Brandon, restrain yourself!” Stella said, trying to sound commanding, but blushing. Stella turned back to the Rockets. “Let Pallet go. You have no right to do this.”

“Why would I even consider doing that?” The Admin spat. “We were here first.”

“Do not think I would sink to your level, scum.” Stella said coldly. “Release all of Pallet town. Yes, even the girl you seem to have taken much interest in.”

“Over my dead body!” One of the other Rocket’s threw a ball onto the field. “Arbok, make mince meat of this hippie!”

Stella waved her hand into the air and the sphinx behind her seemed to smile before the Arbok was thrown into the air, hissing crazily. It hit the ground with a loud crash and fell still. The Rocket’s eyes were wide with confusion and hate.

“Pull… Pull back…” The Rocket Admin growled. Once again, the group of Rockets shoved past Arya, who swore loudly and even threw rocks at them.

Krystal walked forward again, only to be stopped by Stella.

“Halt. Who are you, and why are you here?” She questioned.

“Krystal Summers of Lilycove. I’m here to talk to Daisy.” Krystal explained. “Gary Oak’s sister, I heard…?”

“Daisy Oak?” Another boy said. “You’re apart of Team Rocket, aren’t you!”

Krystal stepped back. How could anyone say such a thing? “I am NOT!” Krystal snapped. “I came here to do a bit of research…” Krystal fingered her Absol’s Great Ball. “…But I can gladly prove that I’ve too much skill to be apart of Team Rocket!”

Stella raised her hand, as if to begin a battle when a voice rung out to stop her. “Wait!” An old man huffed and puffed his way between Krystal and Stella. “This is the girl that came from Hoenn, that’s the Champion!”

“Professor Oak!” Krystal cried. “But you were still in Golden Rod when I left!”

“The Magnet Train,” Professor Oak explained. “Dear girl. It’s quite fast.” The Professor turned back to Stella, who looked just as surprised. “Please, don’t fight her. I assure you that it would not be favorable.”

Stella didn’t say anything, but then looked thoughtful. “Champion…” She thought. “Hmmmm…”


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