~~~Chapter three: Rocket and Rival~~~

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Krystal: Wheee!


Adam sat, frozen in half fear. Héd managed to slip away from the man and now was sitting in front of Route one. After awhile, his breathing returned to normal. He dropped the Safari ball by mistake; his hand still shook without a stopping point in sight.

There was a burst of blue light and a Vaporeon sat before Adam. He looked up to her and then down. The image of those eyes…

“Pooour!” The Vaporeon shot a small blast of water at Adam. Adam looked up at his Vaporeon. Even after all the tense times with Vaporeon (after all, she was a stolen Pokémon.), she cared. Adam drove the eyes out of his head.


“Right, the PokéNav says route one consists of mainly Rattata and Pidgey…” Arya said, reading over Krystal’s arm. “Nothing that should prove to hard for us.”

Krystal scrolled down and read more one Route one when her PokéNav suddenly shook and let out several alarming beeps. Two words flashed across the screen. “Huh?”

---------Breaking News---------

A report has just been sent in about a gang known as Team Rocket. To those of you who do not remember the rise and fall of this team six years ago by the hands of several Trainers’ including a sixteen year old boy named Ash.

Six years ago, the Rockets once attacked Sliph Co. . A company that makes many Pokémon related items such as the Great ball. (It is said that they are now working on a project that will allow a trainer to speak to their Pokémon.)

IMPOROTANT: If any Rocket member is found, one is recommended to NOT try to fight them but instead CALL THE POLICE.

A second report has been sent in from Cerulean City about another shady group entering Cerulean Cave. If this group is seen (check the below picture) also report this to the police.

“The way these people speak, you’d think wéd go jumping into the way of blazing guns!” Krystal said before snapping shut the PokéNav. She then stopped dead in her tracks. Her face was frozen in anger, her mouth open in complete shock.

“Are you zoning out again?” Arya stopped a looked at Krystal. “Sis? Helllooo?” Arya waved her hand in front of Krystal’s face.

“Him...” Krystal said grimly.

I suppose this was the thief you sensed? Krystal asked. She kept her eyes locked onto Adam.

It makes sense… I think so. Saphira replied in an unsure voice.

Adam, at that point, decided to look behind him and spotted Krystal. He was up faster than a Rattata using quick attack. His eyes narrowed in exactly the same way Krystal’s did.

You! You thief, what are you doing in Kanto?!” Krystal hissed. “Are you hoping that one of the gangs will pop out of nowhere and take you in as one of their own!?”

“Pooour…” Vaporeon jumped in front of Adam and gazed at Krystal and the look of hate and disgust that was painted across her face. “Vaaa…”

“Oh! Look, Eevee evolved!” Arya said, unaware of the glares Krystal and Adam were sharing.

“You mean MY Eevee!” Krystal snarled. She reached for Saphira’s Pokéball. If anything, she wanted to show him what a true starter could do with love from its REAL trainer.

“Don’t tell me you’re still going on about that… It was over two years ago!” Arya complained.

“He stole Eevee and never said a word about it besides saying that I HAVE NO SKILL!” Krystal threw the Pokéball into the air. There was a loud roar before Saphira appeared in a burst of zig zaged lines.

Adam looked at Vaporeon and at Krystal. That much was true, and he did feel saying sorry would be right… But then I’d never hear the end of it. I’d be a laughing stock when she returned to Lilycove! Adam grinned. “ You don’t have any skill.”

“Vaaapouurr…” Vaporeon said in a warning tone. Adam stopped speaking. He was a bit confused at this point. Who was the trainer again…?

Saphira took a quick glance at Krystal, who gave a jerk of her head. Saphira turned back to Vaporeon and held its arms out to the sky. Thick black clouds began to form above the trainers.

“Vaporeon, be sure to dodge the oncoming...” But Adam didn’t finish his sentence, for Vaporeon was already moving a mind blowing speeds, just barely missing the rods of lighting that struck the ground.

Vaporeon seems to have grown to like Adam… Saphira observed. She called another barrage of lighting down towards the foe.

Look, Vaporeon is much too fast; we have to trick it instead. Krystal said, not taking notice to what Saphira had said. Fly right at it and use thunder on the spots it can dodge to.

Krystal saw Saphira nod. “Now!” Krystal yelled.

“Now…?” Adam said weakly. How the hell did Krystal just say now when she didn’t even speak to her Dragonite before? He thought worriedly. “Vaporeon, hydro pump in that Dragonités face!”

Before Krystal had time to send out another plan to Saphira, the Hydro Pump struck and all the beams of lighting hit in completely far off places, such as the right in front of the Pokémon center.

“Now, Take Down, Vaporeon!”

“Pooourr!” Vaporeon ran at Saphira, who was hovering above the ground, trying to wipe her face of the remaing water.

Saphira, call down lighting to hit you just as Vaporeon hits you. It was only the mark of Krystal’s and Saphira’s trust and friendship that just as Vaporeon struck, so did several rods of lighting. The blast was so bright (And the cries of both the fainting Pokémon so loud), that Krystal could hear several Pidgey and Rattata running from where they were at top speed.


Krystal: Wait…I won?! –Gets up off me-

… … ... … -Is hurt because Krystal was on me the entire time you read this Chappie-

Krystal: Alex…?Are you okay?

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