~~~Chapter two: Blood Red~~~

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“Right, so, are we heading to Pewter today or…” Arya asked, taking a seat at the coffee table. After a night of exploring Viridian City, both Arya and Krystal had begun, the next morning, discussing where to go. “…Or are we going to Pallet Town?”

“Pallet.” Krystal replied, rubbing her eyes and turning on the Hotel television. “If Professor Oak meant what he said, I need to know as much as I can about Ash and Gary.” She sat down, across from Arya (“Goooood Morning Viridian City!”).

Arya looked at the T.V.

“Sis, we have a radio on the PokéNav.”

“Just not the same seeing the faces of bright cheery people telling me that my day is going to be utterly horrible.” Krystal said.

Horrible how? Saphira yawned, which stretched over the mind link. Krystal suddenly felt as if she just woke up.

Just kidding, and mind you fully wake up in the morning before you---

“Hello? Krystal? Why are you zoning out like that…? Are you okay?” Arya eyed her sister.

Krystal snapped back into focus, remembering whom she was talking to. “Yeah, I’m fine, just… Tired.”


Adam rubbed his arm and sat up. All night héd been sitting behind the hotel at Viridian’s outskirts spying on Krystal. Adam now bitterly wished that he had just booked a room, had a shouting match with Krystal and then trailed her.

“Did you catch the clone?” Adam stopped breathing. The voice, again, but closer! Adam sunk to his stomach and began to crawl. Luckily for him, he had chosen to wear green shoes, emerald pants… Even a scale-like green shirt!

As he crawled closer, Adam heard the man hiss something in an icy tone. “You will catch that Pokémon or suffer a very grim fate by my hand.” There was a click and Adam dared to look up. He nearly let out a loud gasp as he felt something evil pass through him.

The man wore deep purple shirt and a large black over coat. Adam had bypassed pants until he saw the tips of a lilac skirt. This time he let out a muffled laugh and the man looked around. He (The man) reached into his overcoat and produced a gun.

“Whoever is there, run or I’ll kill you…I’ll count for you…three…” And the man did count. He glanced upon Adam’s hiding spot and Adam felt a shiver go up his spine. The man had no pupils, just blood red eyes. “…One and a half…don’t force me to find you, I’ll make it a slow, painful death you’ll remember long into your afterlife.”

Adam got on his stomach again and crawled away, quietly and out of the man’s way, who gave up in the end by pocketing the firearm and walking away, cursing under his breath. Adam caught the words “Mewtwo” and “Sliph”


Krystal pulled on her boots.

“Right, I’ll pay off the room and wéll be on our way.” Krystal said. “ I’ll meet you near route one. (“In other news, the more reports of snagging in other areas, so, hows the weather Jim?”)”

“Okay, see you there (“…Well, there is the chance of a downpour near route 21…”).” Arya said before she walked over to the T.V. and punched the off button.


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