~~~Chapter one: An old Rival.~~~

Author’s note: I ask you this, if I were the person who created Poke’mon, would really be worrying about an upcoming science test?

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-One hour later, just beside of Viridian City-

“So this is Viridian City?” Krystal scanned the City. It wasn’t huge. A few buildings, a mart and Poke’mon center, even a library…but that was about it. Except for one large building.

“Score! It’s a gym!” Krystal was about to run to it when Arya grabbed her hand.

“Hey, what gives?”

“That is the hardest of them.” Arya explained as she reached into her bag and pulled out a copy of last month’s Poke’mon Journal. “It is stated right here that Ash’s rival, Gary Oak, runs this Gym alone. That’s how strong he is. He was the former Champion for about an hour or so before Ash barged in and gave him the boot. He’s been the leader here ever since…”

“Does this mean that we can’t battle him?” Krystal asked, slightly annoyed.

“We can look, if you’re that compelled to.” Arya put the magazine away. “But no battle. He might prove too much for either of us to handle. Lets just watch if anyone is battling.”

“I really don’t know what your so afraid of, Arya.” Krystal pulled her hand out of Arya’s grip. “I’m no pushover.”

“You are someone to get their head swelled over a few wins, though,” Arya said. She returned the magazine to its spot in her bag.

“Oh come on! You don’t have any proof of that!” Krystal protested.

“You passed swimming lessons and decided that the Eevee who fell into the lake was someone you could save…. You beat the first gym leader and rushed to battle some random trainer without bothering to heal at the Poke’mon center… Or wasting half our money at slots because you got six coins on your first try…” Arya counted off from her fingers. “Shall I continue?”

“ What happened to my sweet little sister?” Krystal muttered looking up into the sky. Krystal jumped in shock. Was that a flying rainbow? She rubbed her eyes and checked again. Whatever it was had gone, or had it really been there at all?

Krystal returned her look to Arya.

“So what now? I’m starving and the gods know we could do with a bathroom and a bit of rest.”

“I say we check out the Library.”

“ Right now?! We just got here! Can’t we relax for a bit? You know, kick back for tonight…” Krystal reached for her Poke’nav. With any luck, she could research whatever had just shown up. Without the Library. Arya had an annoying habit of figuring things out just by looking at what someone was reading or doing.

Krystal opened the Poke’nav and looked at the map. She read up on Viridian City’s summary, but nothing was described about a flying rainbow. Maybe it was just her mind playing tricks on her.

“Not now, if you’d rather not. And look up a place where we can stay for the night in your Poke’nav,” Arya said, “I agree that some food and a some rest won’t hurt.”


2 years, Adam thought angrily, it’s really been 2 years since I’ve battled Krystal. I almost had her in our last battle too…

Adam was what a Poke’mon trainer called their rival. And what a rival he was! He was supposed to be the richest kid in all of Lilycove, so being like most rich kids, he was a snob. He had once believed everything was his. That no one had the right to have anything better him. Adam toyed with the safari ball on his waist. It broke down the dam holding a sea of memories. All of the memories crashed upon him with the weight of the world

He remembered the start of his rivalry with Krystal’

“Professor Alona, please, Adam stole that Eevee from me!” Krystal pleaded. It was harder than it looked, catching Poke’mon. Just because she was the best in the class made a small difference if everything had been learned from a book. “He took my Poke’mon from me!”

Adam put on his best ‘I-didn’t-do-it-she’s-lying’ face.

Krystal felt the urge to take the considerably big stick near her and run after Adam hitting him with it.

“Give.Me.Back.MY.Eevee.” Krystal said through gritted teeth. This was the last straw. Adam had always been a boy with his head in the clouds getting everything easy. He was the biggest prick ever placed upon the planet but almost everyone treated him like a king for one reason. He had a lot of money.

“Now, I know you’re jealous of my skills…”

“LIAR!” Krystal spat and picked up the stick. “Give me back my Eevee!”

A sound brought Adam back to the present and he rubbed his left arm, where Krystal had managed to land quite a hard blow with the stick. It had left a small scar, but he’d been smart enough not to go anywhere near the term ‘sue’. He had; after all, stolen Krystal’s Poke’mon and money wouldn’t have saved him that time.

“ But…Oh, all right, fine, but after that we get to visit the gym!” A female said. It sounded tired. And sounded like someone Adam knew.

He his in the bushes and looked around for whoever had spoken.

“Only for a little bit.”

Speak of the devil! Who’d have thought I’d really find her now? Adam grinned as he watched Krystal and a smaller girl (Her sister?) walked off, towards a building with a book and Poke’ball sign over it. Adam was about to get up when he heard another voice. A closer, male voice. It sounded evil, and happy.

“ Yes, I need more than two hundred of the Ultra balls.” The voice paused. Most likely listening to whomever he was talking to.

A cell phone?

“I don’t care how you get the blasted items. Just get them.” he listened again. “Yes, hand out those Poke’mon. There should be enough for one each trainer. Keep extra’s for yourself.” There was a click and the sound of whoever it was walking away. Adam was free to go.

He grinned again.

It was time to meet an old friend. An old rival.


“ Arya, we’ve been here for two hours already! What could you possibly be looking for?” Krystal questioned. She has gotten tired of trying to find out what the flying rainbow was. The only thing she got was ‘Possible Johto Region Poke’mon.’ That was useless, seeing on how Krystal had just arrived in Kanto.

Krystal and Arya sat near a window on the top floor of the Viridian Library. The view was astounding, but Krystal had been staring out of it for quite some time, and had grown bored of watching people and the occasional Poke’mon wander to one part of the city to the other.

“Information on all of the gym leaders. I thought it’d be useful.” Arya closed a book and set it aside before opening another one. 101 ways to earn a Kanto badge.

Krystal yawned. “It’s getting late. I’m sure you already knew everything in those books, anyhow.”

“Very funny. And, yes, most of these things I knew. Except that the Elite four has its own for Kanto now. I thought your last victory was on both Kanto and Johto. And we were just here for the badges…Wonder who thought that up.”

“Some fat, old scholar, I bet,” Krystal said. Arya laughed. “Really, can we go now?”

“Yes, yes.” Arya stood up and looked at the book one more time. “This is a joke book. Look, one of the ways to gain a badge is to sweet talk the gym leader or make them so drunk they can’t think straight.”

Ideas, ideas…

You’re not really going to do that, are you? Saphira asked, worried.

No. I wouldn’t do that. There’d be no fun. Krystal replied. I like to battle.

I sense a thief around here…

What’d mean by that?

A familiar person—THIEF—Is near us.

… … We’ll cross that bridge when it comes.


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