NOTE: This is a PG-13 fanfic, so if you are a bit squeamish, please leave..
there is not any cursing, but there is typical dog behavior which can get
ugly; and some blood.

"Ummmbeeee..." a voice growled, menacing through the night air. It was about
eleven PM in the safe--or so called safe--town of Hoenn. Two men;
fully-grown were pushing the Umbreon while another three dragged it. They
all wore similar uniforms, bearing the words: "Humane Pokemon Care." Truth
be told; they were going to euthanize him, as he was too far from the
allowed statstics of pokemon accepted into Hoenn.
"Urgh.. he's tough," one of the men said as they finally shoved him into a
cage in the back of the van, which held no other pokemon.
"He's the first one in ten years," another man said, sighing as he took off
his cap, sweating. The Umbreon; called Lunar, howled pitifully. He did not
know why his master...had betrayed him. Turned him over to be put down. He
gave another moaning howl; and one of the men reached in a hand, Lunar
thought, to pet him..but no, he'd recevied a cuff around the muzzle.
"UMMBB!" he growled, instantly breaking into a rage of trying to bite the
man's hand. But too late; he'd withdrawn it in the instant before Lunar'd
snapped at his hand. The man returned to his post, sighing as if regretting
letting Lunar into the town at all. Lunar took the chance to glance around
the van. It was dark and slightly damp, he realized, as he checked out the
cages. Of course; the darkness was no problem, at least for an Umbreon. 'Oh,
my Mew...' Lunar thought to himself desperately as he gazed around. He laid
back his ears as the van slowed to a halt, then did the retailation action
of buckling backwards a bit, throwing him forward. Doors opened, then
slammed. He did not need to look back to see what'd happened. They were at
the Poke Center.. where he would be put down.
"Umbreeeon.." he whined sadly as one of the men slipped a noose around his
neck. He did not object this time; simply thinking that they might instead
be leading him in for a treat.
"Sorry, boy," another man said as the one who'd slipped the noose over his
neck began leading him inside. The other four lingered behind; watching,
some in syampathy, some confused, and some in digust. Lunar watched the
halls as he passed through them, occasionally pausing to bark at a Meowth or
another similar cat-like pokemon contained in cages, heavily bandaged. Every
time that he did that, the man jerked his noose; pulling him back onto the
path. Finally, however, they came to an enclosed room in which a Nurse Joy
waited, eyes brimming with tears.
"P-put him.. h-here," she said, gesturing to the table in front of her..from
which some ominous devices such as knives, syringes, and even an
ominous-looking tube lay. The man nodded, pulling him onto the table. The
man un-noosed him; and left the room instantly, slamming the door behind
him. Lunar lay back his ears, unsure what to do. One minute, he'd felt a
sting in the bottom of his pelvis-then the next, he'd collapsed on the
table, side-first. Nurse Joy had transquilzed him... As he calmed the shock
that'd emerged from his brain, he frowned. Nurse Joy was nearing him with
the tube..... No, it was the gas... The feared gas, talken of by all pokemon
in the town. He thought back to a time when he had to watch his older
brother get... The Gas.
"Big brother!" he had cried. Only it had sounded like "Eeeveee!" to the
humans. He had been an Eevee at that time. His Jolteon brother lay on the
table as Nurse Joy slipped the tube over his mouth; something
strange-looking to him. Soon; Volt had fallen into the world of Mew, for
eternity; never waking up again.. He would never roam the Pokearth ever
again. Lunar had been very depressed at that time, and he'd never forgotten
it.. And now the same thing was going to happen to him. No... it couldn't...
"UM-BR-EON!" he roared, managing to stand up. Nurse Joy stepped back in
suprise. What happened next was fast, so fast that Lunar barely remebered
it. He had slashed at her; and she'd fallen on the ground, emitting a
shriek. The men-this time, ten at least of them-had come running in. He had
gotten ten transquilzers stuck in his butt, and he was heaved back onto the
table. Now Nurse Joy was carefully attempting to slip the tube over his
mouth--and she succeeded now. As she turned on the machine; Lunar's eyes did
not close as Vollt's had, but they instead rolled back, revealing the white.
Now he was dead.. No. He was not truly dead. He would live on
forever, but in a different being.. The true spirit within his shell. Now he
was free to roam the Pokearth at any rate. He could kill-murder-wherever he
liked. As he was buried, his real inner being lurked; ready to pounce on the
people he had sworn revenge on, his state now deformed badly......