The Cave of Dragonflies

Errrr... splash?

OK, the Charizard and Butterfree that used to be here are sleeping after that loooooooong time Butterfree had to stand in the middle of an out-of-control bonfire with devil horns, a pitchfork and an evil expression while Charizard laughed evilly non-stop and badly drawn on top of all things. Give them a rest, the poor guys. All the bugs and dragons on the site knew what I was up to as soon as I offered them a cooler position, because they know that when I put somebody on my splash page, they'll have to stand still there for at least a month. The only one who'd take the job was Magikarp here. He says he's an expert on splashes, but I'm not sure I believe him, since he just sits there and stares stupidly into the air. Hey, just enter the site already, OK?

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Route 113, sequenced by Johnnyz
Final battle with Lance, sequenced by Zagro
Pokémon TCG Elite Duel, sequenced by Ahmad Cathcart and Asa Lothario
Mew, gotten from Mewtwofan's Pokémon Page
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Green style
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Please note that if you spent more than some certain amount of time on a page, the next time you click a link or refresh, the style will automatically change to Cave style and the music will stop.

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