A Trainer and His Loving Pokémon

He walked up to his trainer. In his opinion, his trainer was one of the best around. The absolute best. But, hey? Who's this one little Pokemon to know?

"Good job!" the trainer said to his Pokemon. "You were so great in this battle! Let's go out and get some ice cream!"

The Pokemon liked Ice Cream. The flavor...the texture...everything about it! But, the Pokemon didn't like being in public. He didn't mind it now as much as he did before. Not nearly.


The trainer had a Pokemon. It was his first Pokemon. The Pokemon battled very well. He listened to his trainer. But, the trainer noticed that the Pokemon tends to be quiet. He wanted to change that. He was going to treat his Pokemon with utmost care. Entered him in every contest that there was. Anything. He couldn't bear being separated from his little buddy. Not one bit.


"Alright!" the trainer shouted. Then, he pet his Pokemon. Such a cute Pokemon it was shouted "Vee!" all of the time. But he only did this in privacy. He couldn't stand it in public. The Pokemon slowly licked his bowl of ice cream. It was refreshing. The Pokemon was very heated up from his last battle. The cool ice cream soothed his over-heated body.

After the two finished their ice cream bowls, they threw away the pink bowls. They were covered in the pink of the ice cream. "Good job, Tsurgino!" The Pokemon enjoyed his trainer's passion. In a quick burst, he shouted.

"Vee! Ee! EEVEE!" Everyone looked at the Eevee. He blushed, and buried his head in his trainer's lap. But everyone came over and started petting Tsurgino. He had not expected this. He expected to be laughed at. Made fun of...he never expected this.


A few days passed, and Tsurgino was overcoming his fears. He realized that life is short; he may as well make the best of it. He was glad he had overcame his fears.

His trainer was too. He noticed that Tsurgino's battling improved. His sportsmanship did, too. If his opponents would lose, he would speak his Pokemon language, and play with them. This was a breakthrough for Tsurgino.

"He seems so happy now..." thought his trainer, "Well...I've been saving this. I didn't think that he would want it." It was a stone. The stone was encrypted with a water drop. A water stone.

The trainer tried giving the stone too Tsurgino. He didn't like it. The trainer decided not to give it to him, for now at least. It was odd...he didn't seem to want to grow up. He wanted to remain a kid. For now, the trainer stuck the stone into his jacket's pocket.


"Oh, yes! That would be a great idea!" thought the trainer. "I can take Tsurgino out to fish! Maybe I should take one of my other Pokemon along! Hmm..." The trainer thought. "Oh! Why not Pikachu?"

Surely enough, the next morning the two were out on the sea. The trainer fished and caught a few Magikarp. Once, he caught a Tentacool.

Then, as quickly as a Cheetah sneaking up on its prey, the sky darkened with clouds. Thunder and lighting were the new owners of this land. The sea raged, and the boat rocked.

"Oh, NO! Not now! We're so far out from shore!"

"Pika! PIIIIKA!" The Pikachu screamed in terror.

"VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Eevee was scared, too.

Within a matter of seconds, the boat was swept over into the sea. The trainer's jacket fell out of the boat. Pikachu was left sinking down into the sea. It was a scary situation, and for the trainer, he felt like he would be a lost soul. The whole thing wasn't good. If the trainer swam back up with Pikachu in his hands, the waves pushed them back under. It was a lost hope.

Then, the stone came untangled from the trainer's jacket pocket. Eevee was sinking. The stone brushed his arm. Suddenly, there was a mysterious glow. Eevee's shape changed. Nothing could be seen, as the blinding light made it too bright. Then everything stopped. It just stopped.

"PORRRRRRRI!" Tsurgino shouted. He had evolved. Immediately, he swam over to his trainer, who by now had given up. They (Pikachu and the trainer) were sinking...farther...farther. With a mighty shove, Tsurgino pushed the pair up. When they were above the water, Tsurgino swam back up, and swam them to the shore. He paddled his feet.

"VAY! VAY! PORRI! POOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRI!" Tsurgino was screaming for help. Finally, someone came over and pulled them out of the water. They were rushed to the hospital.

Pikachu swallowed a bit too much water, but the doctors could fix that.

Tsurgino was tired, he just needed some rest.

But the trainer had bashed his head off of a rock when the boat flipped over. The power of the waves pushed him into it. The doctors tried, and they tried! But no. There was no way of saving him.

The trainer died at 2:37 A.M. on July 5th, 2006. His name was Jason Ketchum.