The Final Chapter

Pikachu: Really creative title.

Oh go jump off a cliff.

Pikachu: Oh yeah? Iíll beat you up so bad youíll look like John Kerry! (Donít kill me Democrats)

Random Guy: Hey! I kill you! (Rushes at pikachu but falls)

Wild Narrator appeared!

Pikachu: You look like an Absol/ Human!

Shut up.

Pikachu used Thunder Shock.

Pikachu: Darn right I did!

Wild Narrator used Sky Attack!

Espeon: You need to charge for that-

Shut up.

Pikachu fainted.

Pikachu: Yeah, I did. (X__X)

Espeon: Lets just get a secret weapon. To Cinnabar Island!

At Cinnabar Island...

Latios Baby: Hey look! Itís rebuilt!

Espeon: Iíll summon Mewtwo. (Holds out onion)

Mewtwo: (appears in a flash of light) Must.... destroy.... onion!

Espeon: Mr. Mewtwo, will you join us in a fight against evil Caterpies?

Mewtwo: Caterpies? Ha! I could- (gets mobbed by Caterpies) Agh! Get Ďem off me!

Latias Baby: Sure! (Destroys Caterpies)

Latios Baby: Sister! We are reunited!

Pikachu: (regains consciousness) Huh? Is that insane narrator gone?

Do you want help to killing the aliens or what?

Pikachu: Sorry. Please help us, sir.

The internet is the future...

Espeon: So we need to find a warrior on the internet!

At a computer room.....

Pidgey: So were do we go?

Pikachu: Ooh! The Cave of Dragonflies!

Espeon: Suta-Raito?

Pidgey: Lets use The Cave of Dragonflies. Vilhjalmur-

Pikachu: Thatís not the URL anymore!

Latias Baby: Mew Hangout!


Pidgey: SHUT UP YOU #@*^%&#@!!

Pikachu: Lets use a sprite of Rayquaza with three heads!

Espeon: Sure, but we need to read the Terms of Use before using it.

Pikachu: But it doesnít say anything about combating Psycho Caterpies! And we sure donít want Butterfree to go into "Destroy all art thieves" mode.

Espeon: Well... just send it into our world.

Pikachu plugs in cable and a Rayquaza Hydra appears.

Latios Baby: You gotta love the internet!

Wild Caterpie Alien Army appeared!

Rayquaza used Hyper Bam!

Wild Caterpie Alien Army used Scyther!

Pikachu: Well, Iím glad they didnít use-

Wild Caterpie Alien Army used Mewtwo!

Pikachu: @^%#!!!!! Hey, that was our turn!

Espeon: You moron! Our Rayquaza Hydra is already K-Oed!

Latios Baby: I wish my daddy was here. (begins singing)

Espeon: This is no time to sing!

Latios appears.

Espeon: But how? Of course! Jirachi, the wish maker!

Latios used Ice Beam!

Wild Caterpie Alien Army was frozen solid!

Pikachu: YAY!!!! (The ice shatters) Why me?!?

Espeon: Because you canít shut up!

Pikachu: Oh yeah? If I wasnít so concerned about the US elections, Iíd cream you!

Espeon: Youíre not a citizen of the US! We live in Johto! Except for the Latis, who are from Hoenn.

Wild Caterpie Alien Army used Hyper Beam!

Latios used Wish!

Latios is evolving!

Pikachu: I didnít know wish did THAT.

Latios evolved into Jiratios!

Espeon: A Jirachi/ Latios hybrid, eh? Interesting...

Jiratios: Prepare to be blasted by my secret move only I know. Golden Beam!

Jiratios used Golden Beam!

Caterpie Alien Army is evolving!

Pikachu: Are evolving, right?

Its hard being grammatically correct when aliens invade! Oh yeah- Caterpie Alien Army evolved into one big Metapod!

Jiratios: Now to send this Metapod where it will do no harm.... The planet of Wurmples! ( blasts Metapod into space)