By Aero Absol


Journey to the Center of Jeff!

Jeff: Hi.

Pikachu: Where did you come from? You werenít there when the narrator said "TO BE CONTINUED!"

Okey dokey!

Pikachu: Never mind.


Jeff: I feel sick. I have worms in my gut!

Pikachu: Please! Donít say that in front of people that actually have some value of not saying something nauseating!

Espeon: You arenít helping!

Satoshi Tajiri: Neither are you! Those Alien Caterpies took over the planet while Pikachu said that really long sentence.

Espeon: Way to go. I outta Psybeam you a lesson! (Psybeams Pikachu)

Pikachu: One problem at a time! Jeff, do you mean that Caterpies are inside you?

Jeff: Yes! Shrink and enter my body! Maybe they canít regenerate when theyíre inside me!

Pidgey: Good idea! No wonder you work for Team Rocket!

Jeff: Yeah....sure. Anyway, SHRINK NOW!!

Espeon: Do you really think Pikachu is smart enough to build a shrinking machine in five seconds?

Jeff: No, but you are.

In five minutes...

Espeon: Done!

Jeff: I thought you could finish it in five seconds!

Espeon: I never said that! Donít make me stick this welding torch up-

Pikachu: This is no time to argue! Tell it to Jerry Springer.

Pidgey: Lets just stop this freaking Caterpies from Space!

Latios Baby: Beam me up, Espeon!

Espeon: Donít you mean "Beam me in?"

Latios Baby: Shut up. I just hatched today.

Espeon: Sorry Mr. Iím so cool Iím a legendary dragon....

Latios Baby: YOU LITTLE-

Espeon: If you just hatched, how did you know that Star Trek phrase?

Latios Baby: Are we gonna argue or kick Alien Caterpie butt?

Espeon: Youíre right. Dang right!

Latios: NOW!! (Ice beams Espeon) GOD! Youíre so slow! (Hits button, all get vaporized)

Inside Jeff the Croconaw...

Pikachu: Is it true my name means Sparkle Squeak?

Espeon: Sadly. Look! Caterpies! (Zaps them but misses)


Jeff: Ow! My gallbladder!

Inside Jeff....

Espeon: Weíll blame Pikachu. Heís so cute, no one will get mad at him.

Pidgey: Iím a @%#^ Pokemon too, you know!

Espeon: Yes, but you are bitter and swear.

Pidgey: That is @%#%^% #$

Espeon: See what I mean?

Latios Baby: Anyway, Iíll use Psychic. ( uses Psychic and hits Caterpies)


Now everyone is arguing. Pidgey envies Pikachu. Espeon envies that cute little Baby-

Espeon: Whoís side are you on?

Um... Iím out of here! (Runs away)

Pikachu: Great job! You scared him! (Thunder shocks Caterpies) Well, I did beat some evil aliens, but I missed! (Shocks Espeon)

Caterpie Leader: Beware, we are stronger than you think! We will String shot you to death! (Shoots string)

Pikachu: Geez! I thought this would never happen again after I left the Viridian Forest!

Espeon: Itís a miracle you can talk with all that string on your face.

Pidgey: Iíll use Gust!

Espeon: Be careful not to miss- ( Pidgey misses and hurts Jeff)


Jeff: Agh! I need water! (Gulps a bottle of water)

Inside Jeff.................

Pikachu: Oh no! Itís a flood! (Starts to drown, lets off a Thunder shock)



Inside Jeff...again....

Pidgey: I am in constant agony...

Latios Baby: Jeff must have drunk a lot of water.

Espeon: Please! We need to stop the Caterpies! We electrocuted Jeff from the inside. Now can we do something right?

Caterpie: No, you canít. You are our prisoners.

Pidgey: $#^&

Espeon: You canít even try to keep this G rated can you?

Caterpie 2: Shut up. You are our prisoners, Plusle, Tailow, Absol, and Latios!

Espeon: Weíre Pikachu, Pidgey, Espeon, and Latios!

Caterpie 2: Pft! 3 out of 4 wrong. Big deal!

Espeon: Thatís 75% wrong!

Caterpie 3: Shut up and march up the esophagus.

Espeon: Werenít we at the gallbladder a moment ago?

Caterpie: You donít know when to shut up, do you?

Later, outside of Jeff.....

Espeon: Now were are we?

Pikachu: Utah!

Espeon: We didnít warp into another world just to be in Utah!

Caterpie: You are in the Matrix!

Espeon: Coo koo! Coo koo!

Caterpie 2: Shut up Dwayne. Weíre in a high tech prison in Orre.

Espeon: Did you say Orre?

Caterpie: Ye- huh?

Espeon: Orre prisons are easy to escape from!

Scizor (now a zombie): Must.... stop....enemies...

Espeon: RUN AWAY!!

Latios Baby: Or I could fly us awa-(sees everyone already running) Alright! Iíll run!

Can I say it now?

Pikachu: You ran away before!

I know. Can I say it?

Pikachu: What?


Pikachu: No!

Too late.