Attack of the Killer Caterpies!

By Aero Absol ( Author of Rockem Sockem Rockets, I just changed my name)

Warning: If you are allergic to insanity, PLEASE donít read this!


Pikachu: I won a kazillion dollars!

Espeon: And a math lesson! A kazillion isnít a number!

Pidgey: Iím out of business... I used to own Coca Cola, but they realized I was from another dimension. Earth Humans donít like Pokeworld Humans and Pokemon.

Pikachu: I dunno... they think weíre only video game characters.

Mankey: Iím not Mankey!

Pikachu: We donít even know you!

Mankey: Iím a robot! Calling mother ship! Invade Kanto!

Armies of Caterpies hop out of a space ship.

Pikachu: Oh no! Evil Space Wurmples!

Caterpie: We are CATERPIES!!

Espeon: That is it! ( psybeams Caterpie army; all Caterpies melt) Now weíll neverĖ (Caterpies regenerate) DA-

Caterpie: Take us to your leader or we vaporize you all using annoying String Shot!

Pidgey: We have no choice.

Pikachu: PIIIKKKKAAAACCHHHUUU!!! ( Thunder Shocks Caterpies; Caterpies regenerate) You just canít get rid of them!

Random man: Sure you can! All you need to do isĖ (Gets mobbed by Caterpies)

Espeon: NOOO!!!

Caterpie General: Surrender! Take us to your ruler, the one you call Tajiri!

Pikachu: Uh... why? (Gets mobbed) OKAY! OKAY!

The pokemon march up a hill.

Absol Guard: No one may see Mr. Tajiri!

Pikachu: Why?

Absol Guard: He is at work on designing a new Pokemon game.

Caterpie: DIE!!

Absol Guard: A caterpie from SPACE!! Go right ahead! *but youíll never get past Scyther...*

Pikachu: What?

Absol Guard: Um... I like apple cider.

Pikachu: I see. Bye-bye!

In the next room, a Scyther and Scizor are playing charades.

Scyther: Um... Fire Blast! No? Hmm... Rayquaza... No! Drunk man blowing out a candle! YES!! ( Starts dancing)

Pikachu: Okay... letís sneak past them.

Espeon: Letís do that, instead of rushing in like kamikazes and use our strongest moves.

Pikachu: I like the attacking idea... (runs at Scizor and uses Thunder)

Scizor: (Fried) You wonít escape!

Pikachu: Gee, what a lousy idea.

Scizor: (slashes at Pikachu) Scyther, help me!

Scyther: With pleasĖ ( gets mobbed by Caterpies) Remember me as a great security guard!

Scizor: You Caterpies! Youíll die for that! ( shoots Hyper Beam) NO! They can regenerate!

Pikachu: Ainít life screwy?

Scizor: Iím paralyzed for a moment. Go on without me.

Pikachu: Nev- Okay! ( Runs away)

Scizor: Hey! Oh crĖ (gets mobbed by Caterpies)

Espeon: Pikachu! You let that Scizor get eaten!

Pikachu: He was not eaten.

Caterpie: BURP!!

Pikachu: Okay, maybe he was!

Baby Scyther: You made Daddy get eated! ( kicks Pikachu in the shin)

Pidgey: You really suck eggs!

Pikachu: (sucking an egg) Huh?

Pidgey: (kicks Pikachu in the shin repeatedly) That! Take that! And that!

The egg Pikachu sucks hatches into...


Espeon: A...

Pikachu: A...

Pidgey: Latios! What are the odds of that happening?

Latios Baby: Caterpies!

Caterpies run through the door


Wild Caterpie Alien Army appeared!

Pikachu: Say what?

Shush, you are ruining the Game Boy style.

Pikachu: Sorry!

Go, Latios!

Latios used Ice beam!

Its Super effective!

Huh? Caterpie Alien Army is regenerating!

Pikachu: Now look who is ruining the Game Boy style!

Shut up.

Latios used Ice Beam!

A critical hit!

Its super effect- huh? Caterpie Alien Army used Scizor! Scizor used Slash!

Espeon: Is it me or is today the most twisted day ever!

Pidgey: Why am I in this story?

Espeon: Not now... weíre doomed!

Pidgey: But Iím not even popular!

Espeon: You are now! If itíll get you to shut up....

Pikachu: Lets get back to the battle!

Latios used Ice Beam!

Huh? Scizor blocked it!

Pikachu: Who the heck is narrating this anyway? He really must have never played a Pokemon game in his life!

I played several, I tell you! I can control you....

Pikachu: Sorry....

Apology accepted.

Anyway, Scizor used Smashy Hurty Hammer!

Pikachu: Okay, this guy is nuts!

Thatís it! Iíll add to the suspense! TO BE CONTINUED!

Pikachu: NOOO!! Why me?!?