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12/10/07: Zodiac images!

Day of Lunatone in the Reign of Cresselia, Season of Emotion I figured out that problem, and the zodiac images are officially here (see the image that should be beside this text for an example of what they look like). Enter your birthday into the form and get every possible representation of your birthday Pokémon, Reign and Season (you can choose between the Pokémon of your birthday if there are many of them, and between any multiple forms that said Pokémon might have). Then you can show off your birthday on your website or at the forums you go to.

Additionally, because it would have been extraordinarily lame for everybody born on any of the three festival days of a particular legendary to have a virtually identical Zodiac image, it is now so that Day 1 of every legendary's festival is represented by that Pokémon as it ordinarily is, Day 2 by the shiny version of that legendary, and Day 3 by the shadow version of that legendary. Shadow, you ask? Well, shadow like the XD001 Lugia of Pokémon XD. And no, there are no official sprites of those, so I spent literally a full day spriting shadow versions of every single legendary myself, which you can see all of in my sprite gallery if you're interested. Of course, it goes without saying that if I catch anyone stealing my shadow legendary sprites (well, at least the ones I made a bunch of scratch edits to - some of them looked evil enough already) that person will be impaled on an Internet spear.

So yeah. I hope you enjoy it, what with the freakishly long time it took to get it all working. Oh, and don't direct link the Zodiac images - they're generated by my server on the fly, and if people were direct linking them all over the place it would probably slow the site down. Save them and upload them to your own website or image host.

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743 Fun fact: The above sprite has a 1/8192 chance of being shiny. Feel free to brag if you get one.


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