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12/01/06: I'm back!

Okay, so I finished my NaNo (at only 31,026 words, unfortunately, but hey). Now I can get back to updating my site again. Mwahahaha.

Now, the crossword... the best solution I got in two months had seven answers right. Out of 37.

That's pretty pathetic, to be honest. I know it's not your fault - the clues are so hard that I had no idea what the hell I was thinking with half of them when I looked at them again the other day - but I still felt it would be ridiculous to give out awards for such a lousy solution - come on, less than one fifth of the answers right? - and thus I decided to extend the crossword again, but, to make it easier, with added hints for some of the more difficult clues, designed to get you a little more on the right track. I additionally added an important note by the crossword concerning the fourth generation. By all means look at it.

So aside from that, I finished that AAP section I had started at the beginning of November, so by all means take a look at Is Pokémon Childish?, the latest AAP article.

Lastly, if you were wondering, yes, I will put my NaNo on the site, but I need to edit it first (keep in mind two thirds of it were written in one week). I'm synchronizing my editing with my posting it on a few forums, so it might be a couple of weeks before I put it up. If you can't wait, just go to the forums, register and look in the Fan Fiction section.

(Oh, and I have some fifty unanswered e-mails. I'll try to go through them tomorrow.)

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