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11/22/10: English starter names

I've updated the fifth-generation starters' names in the evolution list to the official English names revealed today.

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Commenting on: 11-22-10

Personally, This is what i think of the starter's names:

Snivy~ I guess Snivy is ok, but i will always call it Tsutarja

Tepig~ No, just no. Enough said.

Oshawott~ I like it better than Mijumaru. Personally, I think Oshawott is cute!

[12/12/2010 01:37:44]

Commenting on: 11-22-10

Snivy and Tepig are OK, but Oshawott? That's what they get when they try to put parts of too many words into a small number of letters. It's weird.

[08/12/2010 19:18:24]

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Commenting on: 11-22-10

"Tepig" comes from "Tepid", which means lukewarm.

[05/12/2010 19:39:05]

Commenting on: 11-22-10

I like the name Snivy. It sounds catchy. xD

Tepig sounds weird. I mean, its obviosly a pig. They just added a "Te" to the beggining. Its pretty random if you ask me.

Oshawott sounds normal. Just… Normal.

[04/12/2010 23:29:25]

pokemon luver
Commenting on: 11-22-10

i wish d name isshu would be in english too cuz its my pet name

[03/12/2010 14:56:15]

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Commenting on: 11-22-10

The "shi" in Reshiram (like "shi" is in general in Japanese) is pronounced pretty much like "she".

[30/11/2010 01:10:56]

Commenting on: 11-22-10

Oh my gosh! I am so sorry for the double post! But, I meant the names never meant much to me anyway. I usually nicknamed my Pokemon whatever the heck I want.

[29/11/2010 22:50:16]

Commenting on: 11-22-10

Well, I kind of like the starter names. I'll live with it. I never did care much for the names, but Snivy? It makes Pokemon sound like a kids show. "Hey kids, are you ready to see Snivy the [insert animal here]!


But, I am wondering one thing. Is the I in Reshiram's name a long I or a short I? Or, did they just leave it up to me to start a flame war over which is better.

[29/11/2010 22:48:48]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 11-22-10

The same place "Isshu" came from: a wordplay on unity. Very possibly also has to do with "nova", meaning "new", or an abbreviation of "United States of America", what with the region's real-world counterpart.

[27/11/2010 03:16:28]

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Commenting on: 11-22-10

The names are DECENT, and I use the term lightly… I agree that Smugleaf and Ottamaru would be better.

It's the region name I have a problem with. UNOVA? Where did that come from?

[27/11/2010 01:55:57]

Commenting on: 11-22-10

Tepig is cool.

Snivy is cool.

Oshawott is awesome!

I think Tepig's next evolutions should gradually get warmer, such as Tepig>>Warmine>>Hotoinka.

Snivy… so… "Sn"…

Oshawott! I absolutely ADORE double letters. And also, it just sounds cool. <3 Oshawott.

[26/11/2010 19:15:36]

Website: Ganium
Commenting on: 11-22-10

At least they used a clever pun. I like Tepig in a cold way.

[25/11/2010 20:38:42]

Commenting on: 11-22-10

The "Te-" part of Tepig's name is from the adjective "tepid", meaning "just a bit warm". I think it's clever, but it's not the kind of thing everyone will get (tepid isn't a very common word).

[24/11/2010 15:25:10]

Commenting on: 11-22-10

I actually like Snivy better than Smugleaf. Oshawott's a pretty cool name too, but not as good as Snivy. But Tepig?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

That name is absolutly awful. I don't even know where the Te- part of its name came from.

P.S. Butterfree was right, people always hate the English names of new pokemon when the names are revealed.

[24/11/2010 01:20:15]

Website: dragonflycave
Commenting on: 11-22-10

@ giganerd:

i agree! ottamaru sounds better than Oshawott. and smugleaf. i like smugleaf. *cries*

[23/11/2010 22:05:07]

Commenting on: 11-22-10

Snivy: I was honestly hoping for Smugleaf (not like it was going to happen :P), but I can't complain too much about Nintendo's name choice.

Tepig: It took me a while, but the name has grown on me! I really like it!

Oshawott: What kind of a name is that? o_e;

If I had to name the starters, my decisions would be Smugleaf, Tepig, and Ottamaru.

Think about it: how much cooler would it be to say, "Go! Smugleaf!" than, "Go! Snivy!" Just sayin'. ;)


[23/11/2010 14:22:53]

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