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10/10/10: Cool date

And on the topic of dates, I went and tweaked a bunch of things on the Zodiac page. First of all the backstory is a bit changed, somewhat better worded, makes Deoxys a bit more sympathetic and changes the order of things around a bit (since it doesn't make sense that Magikarp were powerful until after the creation of Mewtwo). Second, I rearranged the actual section a little and made the Zodiac images so that you can click each one of them individually (if you have Javascript enabled) to get a full copy-pasteable code for it, since in my experience nobody ever bothers to upload the image to an image host. Also, the Platinum/HG/SS alternate forms now work.

Speaking of the Zodiac, I've been mapping out the fifth-generation Zodiac, and I think all that's left now is distributing the Pokémon across the days, unless it turns out I've made some horrible oversight that renders all the work so far void. Of course, distributing the Pokémon is probably the most time-consuming part of it, but hey! At this rate I could theoretically have it out for, say, the site's eighth birthday on the second of November. That would require using the Japanese names for the fifth-generation Pokémon, which I'm not too keen on (I'd have to edit everything with the English names once they're out anyway), but still, it's a possibility.

If you're wondering where that Legend of Thunder review I've been promising to do is, it's actually more than halfway done, and I was going to finish that when my brain suddenly went "Let's fiddle with the Zodiac!" My brain is annoying like that. Hopefully it'll be done tomorrow.

Also, incidentally, a couple of days ago my Play-Asia affiliate earnings passed seventy dollars, enough to actually buy a Japanese Black/White of my own. So now I have a free White version coming in the mail. :D I consider it a gift from all of you who used my links to import. Thanks, guys! You are awesome. <3 This could potentially lead to some Black/White content after it arrives (such as B/W Changes); we'll see.

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Commenting on: 10-10-10

OH GOSHHH I'm so hyped. excellent job on the site … I love it so much. <3

[17/10/2010 09:55:06]

Website: dcNET
Commenting on: 10-10-10

You will be too busy going "ooh, shiny!" to do anything else. Take my word for it.

[15/10/2010 04:58:51]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 10-10-10

The Legend of Thunder review is what I'm working on at the moment. HG/SS Places to Train would be after that, unless by that time my White has arrived and I'm too busy going "ooh, shiny!" to do anything else.

[11/10/2010 20:31:29]

Commenting on: 10-10-10

You mention the Legend of Thunder review, but not HG/SS Places to Train… how is that progressing? Or did you postpone/abandon it due to Gen V hype?

[11/10/2010 20:24:38]

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