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09/28/06: September 28th, 2006

And what better date could there be for announcing the grand opening of the Cave of Speculative Theories?

...Well, technically, any date before today would have been better, and I thought of it a while ago, but unfortunately I've been suffering from two deadly diseases called "craploads of particularly time-consuming homework" and "urge to sit around all day with a manic grin refreshing Serebii's D/P discovery thread instead of doing said homework or in fact anything else I should/would like to be doing", the combination of which proved to have very serious consequences upon my productivity over the past week or so.

At least, now I've finished the homework part and, if you're reading this, managed to tear myself away from the new D/P information for a couple of seconds.

Anyway, the Cave of Speculative Theories, or CoST for short, is a new minisite handling what this site has never been much into covering: news. Now, of course I am still of the opinion that if you just want to know what's new, you can just go to Serebii.net or any other news site of your choice. The CoST is not essentially for providing the news, although they will obviously be there; it is more of my personal commentary and, hence the title, speculation and theories, on those news. When the news is not new anymore and I can confirm all the information personally, I might take some of the content I've written for the CoST and put it up here, depending on how appropriate for this site that content would be (if I, say, come up with a conspiracy theory, it would make perfect sense to place it in that section when the time comes, but it would hardly help anybody to have some outdated speculation on what a Pokémon's English name will be after the real name is revealed). I plan to keep up the CoST alongside the main site, but not as a part of it - if you want to read the news commentary, it will be there and only there, I'm afraid, and this site will be silent as the grave on the subject of when the CoST has been updated (which admittedly, if everything goes according to plan, should really be just about every day, at least for now while all the fourth generation info is bursting in).

Speaking of conspiracy theories, I've made one about Professor P. from Trozei, but it's three AM and I really don't have time to write it down, so that will be tomorrow. Hopefully that's a tomorrow that will happen tomorrow, not in two or three days.

Oh, yeah, and we have 800,000 front page hits. Fwee. I'll try to get around to drawing a new splash.

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